Bainbridge swimmers earn Ironman status

Three Spartans have earned the title of Ironman by making qualifying times for competition in the upcoming 3A state championships.

Makai Ingalls, Garrett Waite and Jude Wenker are the trio of standout Bainbridge High swimmers.

And a fourth may be on the way.

At the last week’s swim meet against Lakeside, the three saw state times in six events and Bainbridge beat the Lions 109-74.

The Spartan foursome of Andrew Witty, Kevin Houseman, Garrett Waite and Jude Wenker took first place in the 200-yard medley relay with a state-cut time of 1:38.13.

Waite was first in the 200-yard freestyle with a state time of 1:47.68, and Ingalls was second in a state-cut finish of 1:48.66.

Wenker won the 100-yard freestyle in a state time of 47.90.

The Spartan relay team of Ingalls, Tyler Stewart, Max Eyrich and Wenker placed second in the 200-yard freestyle relay with a state time of 1:33.22.

Ingalls and Witty notched state times in the 100-yard backstroke against Lakeside; 52.80 and 55.64, respectively.

Waite also won the 100-yard breaststroke with a state time of 1:00.28.

Finally, in the 400-yard freestyle relay, the team of Wenker, Witty, Houseman and Waite placed first with a state time of 3:19.07.

Spartan Coach Kaycee Taylor noted that Witty is also nearing Ironman status, and has qualifying state times in six of eight races.

In diving, both Kiernan Liberman and Brian Taylor both punched their tickets last week to the state championships during a qualifying meet in Kirkland.

Liberman collected 418 points and was the overall winner for the meet, while Taylor followed in third place with 356.15. Spartan diver Guy Weible rounded out the overall top 10 (sixth in 3A schools) with a district score of 252.65.

Coach Taylor noted that nearly all Spartans swimmers who have competed in a meet have qualified in one or more events at the Metro, District level or State level.

Lakeside vs. Bainbridge Results


First: Bainbridge A, 1:38.13

(Andrew Witty, Kevin Houseman, Garrett Waite, Jude Wenker)

Second: Lakeside A, 1:44.73

(Alex Baker, Darren Young, Zane Baker, Will Cero)

Third: Bainbridge B, 1:44.99

(Ian Lipton, Aidan Wagner, Makai Ingalls, Tyler Stewart)


First: Kevin Houseman, Bainbridge, 2:03.82

Second: Alex Baker, Lakeside, 2:06.39

Third: Andrew Witty, Bainbridge, 2:06.56

Fourth: Tyler Stewart, Bainbridge, 2:12.75


First: Jackson Hayward, Lakeside, 22.99

Second: Max Baker, Lakeside, 23.07

Third: Aidan Wagner, Bainbridge, 23.27

Fourth: Zane Baker, Lakeside, 23.58

Fifth: Ian Lipton, Bainbridge, 24.15

Sixth: Max Eyrich, Bainbridge, 24.37


First: Kiernan Liberman, Bainbridge, 215.90

Second: Brian Taylor, Bainbridge, 173.15

Third: Guy Weibel, Bainbridge, 138.00


First: Kevin Houseman, Bainbridge, 54.73

Second: Alex Baker, Lakeside, 54.96

Third: Zane Baker, Lakeside, 58.01

Fourth: Ben Chapman, Bainbridge, 1:04.87

Fifth: Jonathan Lau, Lakeside, 1:09.57

Sixth: Nate Lapin, Bainbridge, 1:13.66


First: Jude Wenker, Bainbridge, 47.90

Second: Jackson Hayward, Lakeside, 50.25

Third: Max Baker, Lakeside, 51.68

Fourth: Will Cero, Lakeside, 54.56

Fifth: Carter Hall, Bainbridge, 55.68

Sixth: Jack Williams, Bainbridge, 58.20


First: Nathan Cordick, Lakeside, 5:02.90

Second: Caden Mayfield, Lakeside, 5:04.61

Third: Ian Lipton, Bainbridge, 5:13.66

Fourth: Thomas Defawe, Bainbridge, 5:46.81

Fifth: Nate Lapin, Bainbridge, 6:13.79


First: Lakeside A, 1:33.21

(Max Baker, Zane Baker, Darren Young, Jackson Hayward)

Second: Bainbridge A, 1:33.22

(Makai Ingalls, Tyler Stewart, Max Eyrich, Jude Wenker)

Third: Lakeside B, 1:46.88

(Youngjoo Lee, Jonathan Lau, Hayden Hunskor, Graham Robertson)

Fourth: Bainbridge B, 1:47.43

(Guy Weibel, Jack Williams, Clay Jablonski, Ashton Billmaier)


First: Makai Ingalls, Bainbridge, 52.80

Second: Andrew Witty, Bainbridge, 55.64

Third: Youngjoo Lee, Lakeside, 1:00.63

Fourth: Thomas Defawe, Bainbridge, 1:06.81

Fifth: Hayden Hunskor, Lakeside, 1:20.46


First: Garrett Waite, Bainbridge, 1:00.28

Second: Carter Hall, Bainbridge, 1:03.51

Third: Aidan Wagner, Bainbridge, 1:03.83

Fourth: Darren Young, Lakeside, 1:07.12

Fifth: Will Cero, Lakeside, 1:08.87


First: Bainbridge, A 3:19.07

(Jude Wenker, Andrew Witty, Kevin Houseman, Garrett Waite)

Second: Lakeside, A 3:23.24

(Jackson Hayward, Nathan Cordick, Alex Baker, Max Baker)

Third: Bainbridge, B 3:36.23 2

(Aidan Wagner, Ian Lipton, Carter Hall, Max Eyrich)

BHS vs O’DEA Results


First: Bainbridge A, 1:37.29

(Garrett Waite, Kevin Houseman, Andrew Witty, Jude Wenker)

24.94 26.38 24.18 21.79

Second: Bainbridge B, 1:43.27

(John Velisaris, Carter Hall, Makai Ingalls, Max Eyrich)

26.88 29.24 23.34 23.81

Third: O’Dea A, 1:45.28

(Jack McGrath, Joey Vacura, Nathan Hayes, Sam Sproule)

26.90 29.79 24.81 23.78


First: Garrett Waite, Bainbridge, 1:48.11

24.65 26.72 27.89 28.85

Second: Sam Chapman, Bainbridge, 1:55.50

26.45 29.27 29.61 30.17

Third: Elijah Dougher, O’Dea, 1:59.23

26.48 30.13 31.14 31.48

Fourth: Thomas Defawe, Bainbridge, 2:04.83

28.18 31.01 32.38 33.26


First: Makai Ingalls, Bainbridge, 1:57.87

24.67 31.74 34.64 26.82

Second: Kevin Houseman, Bainbridge, 1:59.40

25.58 30.10

Third: Jude Wenker, Bainbridge, 1:59.54

26.13 31.57 35.19 26.65


First: John Velisaris, Bainbridge, 23.44

Second: Joey Vacura, O’Dea, 23.86

Third: Jack McGrath, O’Dea, 23.92

Fourth: Sean Lewis, O’Dea, 24.15

Fifth: Max Eyrich, Bainbridge, 24.62

Sixth: Will Thompson, Bainbridge, 24.38


First: Kiernan Liberman, Bainbridge, 209.20

Second: Brian Taylor, Bainbridge, 190.20

Third: Lucas Smith, O’Dea, 167.45

Fourth: Abai Houser, O’Dea, 130.05

Fifth: Guy Weibel, Bainbridge, 128.25


First: Andrew Witty, Bainbridge, 55.88

25.83 30.05

Second: Sam Chapman, Bainbridge, NT 57.31

26.78 30.53

Third: Elijah Dougher, O’Dea, 57.00 58.92

27.47 31.45

Fourth: Abai Houser, O’Dea, 1:00.41

28.69 31.72

Fifth: Will Thompson, Bainbridge, 1:02.75

27.95 34.80


First: Makai Ingalls, Bainbridge, 48.80

23.58 25.22

Second: Joey Vacura, O’Dea, 53.13

25.54 27.59

Third: Ian Lipton, Bainbridge, 53.84

25.33 28.51


First: Garrett Waite, Bainbridge, 4:45.28

25.59 28.12 28.71 28.76 28.59 28.70 29.71 29.65

29.17 28.28

Second: Nathan Hayes, O’Dea, 4:59.42 4:52.59

25.88 28.02 29.11 28.91 29.48 30.13 30.63 30.71

30.22 29.50

Third: Jude Wenker, Bainbridge, 4:54.55

26.35 28.67 29.58 30.40 30.57 30.52 30.42 30.15

29.28 28.61

Fourth: Tyler Stewart, Bainbridge, 5:19.44

26.67 30.85 32.50 32.72 32.60 33.49 33.94 32.59

32.58 31.50

Fifth: Nick Fynaardt, O’Dea, 5:22.31

28.41 31.46 32.32 32.62 32.74 33.46 33.36 33.23

32.54 32.17


First: O’Dea A, 1:34.39

(Joey Vacura, Sam Sproule, Sean Lewis, Nathan Hayes)

24.19 23.90 23.46 22.84

Second: Bainbridge A, 1:34.48

(Sam Chapman, Max Eyrich, Kevin Houseman, John Velisaris)

24.92 24.37 22.28 22.91

Third: Bainbridge B, 1:44.83

(Jack Williams, David Burton, Clay Jablonski, Ian Lipton)

26.37 26.74 27.44 24.28


First: Jack McGrath, O’Dea, 57.49

28.53 28.96

Second: Andrew Witty, Bainbridge, 57.83

28.58 29.25

Third: John Velisaris, Bainbridge, 1:01.76

30.04 31.72

Fourth: Ben Chapman, Bainbridge, 1:05.89

32.09 33.80

Fifth: Lawrence Lorbiecki, O’Dea, 1:08.70

32.14 36.56


First: Kevin Houseman, Bainbridge, 1:01.51

28.35 33.16

Second: Carter Hall, Bainbridge, 1:03.59

30.06 33.53

Third: Max Eyrich, Bainbridge, 1:04.95

30.12 34.83

Fourth: Jasper Saxton, O’Dea, 1:08.63

32.43 36.20

Fifth: Nathan Hayes, O’Dea, 1:13.01

35.74 37.27


First: Bainbridge A, 3:14.34

(Makai Ingalls, Andrew Witty, Jude Wenker, Garrett Waite)

23.24 49.00 23.91 51.27 22.66 47.28 22.34 46.79

Second: O’Dea A, 3:33.90

(Elijah Dougher, Sam Sproule, Sean Lewis, Jack McGrath)

26.21 25.01 52.64 24.87 52.96

Third: Bainbridge B, 3:37.76

(Sam Chapman, Will Thompson, Tyler Stewart, Ian Lipton)

25.98 54.30 25.51 54.59 25.68 55.41 25.34 53.46

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