Josiah George tees off against Garfield. He finished the match with a score of 43 on the Par 35 course.

Bainbridge boys nab 128-86 golf win against Garfield

The Bainbridge High varsity boys golf team scored a win during their final home match of the year Monday, Oct. 9 against the visitors from Garfield.

The final score was 128-86, and the victory nudged the Spartans’ overall season record to 8-1.

“The boys are playing really well,” Spartan Assistant Coach Dominic Lacie said. “Nothing really stands out as a weakness. I think we’re pretty strong all the way through.”

All the way through, and from the top down, Lacie said. He attributes much of this year’s success to the involvement and engagement of younger players by this year’s crop of seniors.

“I think our seniors are really stepping it up. They’re really getting involved with some of the underclassmen and kind of leading the way and being good mentors to them,” he said.

Against Garfield, the team was again led by one such role model, senior Spartan point machine Andy Becker, who finished the day with a score of 37 on the Par 35 course, notching 25 points for the island squad.

“Andy’s playing really well,” Lacie said. “He’s determined to go even lower. Every week he wants to beat his scores from the previous week. He’s really got a good drive.”

And just how low can the lead Spartan go? Well, that’s what’s on everybody’s mind at this point in the season.

“He can go as low as anybody I’ve seen play out here,” Lacie said. “In the last two years that Austin and I have been coaching, he’s been our number one guy each year. We’ve definitely seen him go into negative numbers. It’s not hard for him at all.”

Several others fared especially well against Garfield, too.

Zack Cooper scored a 39, Tad Grindeland shot a 41, both Parker Loverich and Garrett Aichle shot 42, and Josiah George 43.

James McMurry put up 44, and Brooks Lierle 46, as well.

With two more matches still on the schedule Monday, Lacie said the team’s main focus was already — and perhaps always was — a bit further off.

“As far as the postseason goes, these boys have been there,” he said. “We have four of them returning that’ve been through the process already. They know what they’re getting into. We’re going to be ready for it.”

Though Lakeside — the perpetrators of the team’s thus far sole loss — would be “on our radar for sure,” Lacie said the Spartans were not overly worried about any one opponent and would primarily “play our game.”

Speaking of the team’s man in charge, second year Head Coach Austin Hurt, Lacie said both he and the team were in good hands leadership-wise.

“I think we ham-and-egg it pretty well,” he said. “Austin’s great. He’s done all this. He was, as we all know, he was a stud golfer here for Bainbridge Island. He was a stud golfer at [Washington State University]. He’s got a ton of accolades under his belt.

“He’s a great guy,” Lacie added. “He rubs shoulders with the boys really well; they’ve got great camaraderie. He’s got great leadership skills.”

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