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Bainbridge cleans up at final meet

May 14, 2013 · 2:47 PM

The Spartans snagged first place in nearly 20 events during Bainbridge’s last home track meet of the season against Rainier Beach and Ingraham last week.

BHS Coach Andy Grimm said Bainbridge athletes set 55 personal records during the competition.

Spartans in both boys and girls events excelled.

In girls track, the Spartans ran away with multiple first-place finishes in racing events.

Mikelle Ackerley placed first in the 400 meter for Bainbridge. She finished in 1:02:49.

Alison Wise won the 800 meter. She finished in 2:24.92. Teammate Allison Murphy was second (2:32.70) and Signe Lindquist, third (2:33.74).

Katelyn Shephard took first in both the 100-meter (16.70) and 300-meter hurdles (49.34).

The Spartans’ girls relay teams won both the 4x100 (Serena Canner, Lindsay Wienkers, Shephard and Bailey List) and the 4x200 (Canner, Wienkers, Aerin Amore and Danielle Bogardus).

Kiera Gallagher tied for first in the high jump with Ingraham’s Jade Moksness at 4-04.00.

Maddie Rogers won the long jump with a distance of 13-11.00.

Isa Todd finished first in both the shot put and discus. She put the shot 27-09.00, and had a throw of 86-09 in the discus.

In boys events, Matt Stone crossed the finish line first in the 100- and 200-meter. He won the 100 in 11.49, and the 200 in 23.90.

Jay Terry was first for the Spartans in the 110-meter hurdles, and teammate Casey Brink ran to first in the 300-meter hurdles.

Terry won in 17.76; fellow Spartan and freshman Ben Scott took second by clocking 21.25.

Brink, a sophomore, blasted to a 300 first in 44.69.

Both BHS boys 4x100 and 4x400 teams won.

Jack Odell took first place in the high jump (6-00.00).

Joe Misenti was first in the long jump (17-04.00).

Ford Eimon won the triple jump for Bainbridge, with a 35-00.00.


Girls 100-Meter Dash

First: Tanisha Scott, Rainier Beach, 12.75

Second: Danielle Bogardus, Bainbridge, 13.11

Third: Bailey List, Bainbridge, 13.47

Fourth: Aerin Amore, Bainbridge, 13.49

Fifth: Ada Meyer, Ingraham, 13.73

Sixth: De’Uomique Ford, Rainier Beach, 14.06

Seventh: Helena Long, Ingraham, 14.07

Eighth: Lexi Williams, Ingraham, 14.20

Ninth: Caroline Schmidt, Ingraham, 14.21

10th: Caroline Ginder, Bainbridge, 14.70

11th: Savannah Bell, Rainier Beach, 15.30

12th: Mariah Scott, Rainier Beach, 15.36

13th: Maddie Gander, Bainbridge, 15.55

14th: Eliza Townsend, Bainbridge, 15.60

15th: Paige Adams, Bainbridge, 15.89

16th: Taylor Cozine, Bainbridge, 16.54

17th: Sophie Bodlovich, Bainbridge, 16.80

Girls 200-Meter Dash

First: Tanisha Scott, Rainier Beach, 27.13

Second: Bailey List, Bainbridge, 28.15

Third: De’Uomique Ford, Rainier Beach, 29.24

Fourth: Lexi Williams, Ingraham, 29.25

Fifth: Melissa Loseff, Ingraham, 29.40

Sixth: Caroline Schmidt, Ingraham, 30.09

Seventh: Mariah Scott, Rainier Beach, 32.59

Eighth: Taylor Cozine, Bainbridge, 34.57

Girls 400-Meter Dash

First: Mikelle Ackerley, Bainbridge, 1:02.49

Second: Cristen McCann, Bainbridge, 1:04.48

Third: Helena Long, Ingraham, 1:08.01

Fourth: Livia Amorosi, Ingraham, 1:11.15

Girls 800-Meter Run

First: Alison Wise, Bainbridge, 2:24.92

Second: Allison Murphy, Bainbridge, 2:32.70

Third: Signe Lindquist, Bainbridge, 2:33.74

Fourth: Sydney Neumann, Ingraham, 2:45.74

Fifth: Riley Butler, Ingraham, 2:47.69

Girls 1600-Meter Run

First: Cora Davies, Ingraham, 5:35.04

Second: Kellie Miller, Bainbridge, 5:45.37

Third: Allison Murphy, Bainbridge, 5:45.40

Fourth: Riley Butler, Ingraham, 5:50.12

Fifth: Katherine Emmons, Ingraham, 6:05.00

Sixth: Elizabeth von Ruden, Bainbridge, 6:11.82

Seventh: Louisa Goss, Ingraham, 6:37.07

Eighth: Nicolette Dixon, Bainbridge, 6:41.34

Ninth: Ashlen Ahearne, Bainbridge, 6:44.84

10th: Katherine Wade, Bainbridge, 6:51.50

11th: Hayley Pippin, Ingraham, 7:06.12

12th: Lila Sorenson, Ingraham, 7:19.23

13th: Ari Lidz, Ingraham, 7:40.82

Girls 3200-Meter Run

First: Hannah Probst, Ingraham, 12:49.28

Second: Mckenzie Bell, Bainbridge, 12:51.86

Third: Anna Misenti, Bainbridge, 12:54.46

Fourth: RuthMabel Boytz, Ingraham, 12:54.52

Fifth: Signe Lindquist, Bainbridge, 12:55.83

Girls 100-Meter Hurdles

First: Katelyn Shephard, Bainbridge, 16.70

Second: Melissa Loseff, Ingraham, 18.69

Third: Madeline Rogers, Bainbridge, 18.89

Fourth: Shelby Sundquist, Bainbridge, 18.94

Fifth: Tatiana Sils, Bainbridge, 19.22

Sixth: Page Robinson, Ingraham, 19.71

Seventh: Emma Glickman, Ingraham, 21.04

Girls 300-Meter Hurdles

First: Katelyn Shephard, Bainbridge, 49.34

Second: Tanisha Scott, Rainier Beach, 50.28

Third: Cora Davies, Ingraham, 50.29

Fourth: Melissa Loseff, Ingraham, 53.42

Fifth: Tatiana Sils, Bainbridge, 57.57

Girls 4x100-Meter Relay

First: Bainbridge A Relay, 53.40 (Serena Canner, Lindsay Wienkers, Katelyn Shephard and Bailey List)

Girls 4x200-Meter Relay

First: Bainbridge A Relay, 1:49.17 (Serena Canner, Lindsay Wienkers, Aerin Amore and Danielle Bogardus)

Second: Ingraham A Relay, 1:55.31 (Caroline Schmidt, Ada Meyer, Lexi Williams and Helena Long)

Girls High Jump

First: Kiera Gallagher, Bainbridge, 4-04.00

First: Jade Moksness, Ingraham, 4-04.00

Girls Pole Vault

First: Ada Meyer, Ingraham, 6-06.00

First: Melissa Loseff, Ingraham, 6-06.00

Third: Tatiana Sils, Bainbridge, 6-00.00

Third: Riley Green-Miller, Ingraham, 6-00.00

Girls Long Jump

First: Madeline Rogers, Bainbridge, 13-11.00

Girls Shot Put

First: Isa Todd, Bainbridge, 27-09.00

Second: Gabrielle Chabot, Ingraham, 26-06.50

Third: Marissa Hoffman, Ingraham, 26-01.50

Girls Discus Throw

First: Isa Todd, Bainbridge, 86-09

Second: Gabrielle Chabot, Ingraham, 75-04

Third: Marissa Hoffman, Ingraham, 50-09

Boys 100-Meter Dash

First: Matt Stone, Bainbridge, 11.49

Second: Joseph Misenti, Bainbridge, 11.70

Third: Tyler Martinez-Green, Bainbridge, 12.36

Fourth: Isaac Pyne,  Bainbridge, 12.41

Fifth: Aidan McCready, Bainbridge, 12.44

Sixth: Ryan Abbott, Bainbridge, 12.46

Seventh: Sam Prestrud, Ingraham, 12.54

Eighth: David Kimmerlein, Bainbridge, 12.61

Ninth: Halmin Chou, Ingraham, 12.64

10th: Morgan Leader, Bainbridge, 12.70

11th: Alan Banh, Ingraham, 12.71

12th: Joseph Lee, Bainbridge, 13.06

13th: Tyler McNamer, Bainbridge, 13.17

14th: Charlie Rice, Bainbridge, 13.66

15th: Richard Hill, Ingraham, 13.69

16th: Matthew Phan, Ingraham, 13.78

17th: Jeremy Edrozo, Ingraham, 13.83

18th: Connor Cunningham, Bainbridge, 13.99

19th: Tristan Bedell, Bainbridge, 14.03

20th: Matthew Lauder, Ingraham, 14.47 3

21st: Shawn Wing-Kovarik, Bainbridge, 14.52

Boys 200-Meter Dash

First: Matt Stone, Bainbridge, 23.90

Second: Jacob Hostetler, Ingraham, 24.83

Third: Morgan Leader, Bainbridge, 25.87

Fourth: Aidan McCready, Bainbridge, 25.90

Fifth: Joseph Lee, Bainbridge, 26.74

Sixth: Alan Banh, Ingraham, 27.31

Seventh: Tyler McNamer, Bainbridge, 27.38

Eighth: Matthew Phan, Ingraham, 28.00

Ninth: Jeremy Edrozo, Ingraham, 28.97

Boys 400-Meter Dash

First: Jacob Hostetler, Ingraham, 55.43

Second: Ford Eimon, Bainbridge, 55.76

Third: Ryan Abbott, Bainbridge, 56.30

Fourth: David Kimmerlein, Bainbridge, 57.59

Fifth: Noah Strevell, Bainbridge, 58.91

Boys 800-Meter Run

First: Oliver Gibb, Ingraham, 2:09.50

Second: Austin Harper, Bainbridge, 2:11.01

Third: Tyler Cox, Bainbridge, 2:19.20

Boys 1600-Meter Run

First: Bryce Walsh, Ingraham, 4:55.27

Second: Gordon Shelton-Jenck, Bainbridge, 4:57.72

Third: Tyler Cox, Bainbridge, 4:57.97

Fourth: Johannes Griesser, Bainbridge, 5:17.13

Fifth: Aaron Trapp, Bainbridge, 5:26.19

Sixth: Dylan Quinn, Ingraham, 5:33.32

Seventh: Tyler La, Ingraham, 5:50.92

Eighth: Sam Brosseau, Ingraham, 5:55.67

Ninth: Trevor Heater, Bainbridge, 6:01.24

10th: Nicholas Shiach, Bainbridge, 6:09.11

11th: Anders Peterson, Ingraham, 6:15.42

12th: Alex Cook, Bainbridge, 6:34.52

Boys 3200-Meter Run

First: Patrick McDermott, Ingraham, 10:24.55

Second: Sage Duggal, Ingraham, 10:29.68

Third: Logan Presch, Ingraham, 10:30.03

Fourth: Sean Simonsen, Bainbridge, 10:39.74

Fifth: Miles Baker, Ingraham, 11:35.40

Sixth: Quentin Maher, Ingraham, 12:32.30

Boys 110-Meter Hurdles

First: Jay Terry, Bainbridge, 17.76

Second: Ben Scott, Bainbridge, 21.25

Third: Charlie Hanacek, Bainbridge, 21.90

Fourth: Joshua Ramsdell, Ingraham, 22.27

Boys 300-Meter Hurdles

First: Casey Brink, Bainbridge, 44.69

Second: Jay Terry, Bainbridge, 47.68

Third: Ben Scott, Bainbridge, 50.81

Fourth: Charlie Hanacek, Bainbridge, 50.89

Boys 4x100-Meter Relay

First: Bainbridge A Relay, 45.99 (Joseph Misenti, Matt Stone, Ryan Abbott and Isaac Pyne)

Second: Ingraham A Relay 48.66 (Alan Banh, Halmin Chou, Sam Prestrud and Jacob Hostetler)

Boys 4x400-Meter Relay

First: Bainbridge A Relay 3:56.39 (Ford Eimon, Tyler Cox, Austin Harper and Tyler Martinez-Green)

Boys High Jump

First: Jack Odell, Bainbridge,6-00.00

Second: Jay Terry, Bainbridge, 5-10.00

Third: Connor Evans, Bainbridge, 5-06.00

Fourth: James Tittle, Ingraham, 5-04.00

Fourth: Charlie Rice, Bainbridge, 5-04.00

Sixth: Ford Eimon, Bainbridge, 5-00.00

Seventh: Robert Davis, Bainbridge, 4-10.00

Boys Pole Vault

First: Anders Olson, Ingraham, 10-06.00

Second: James Tittle, Ingraham, 9-06.00

Third: Dan Gwiazdon, Bainbridge, 9-00.00

Fourth: Lucas Labrosse, Bainbridge, 8-06.00

Fifth: Jay Terry, Bainbridge, 7-06.00

Sixth: Max Stewart, Bainbridge, 7-00.00

Sixth: John Robyn Buenavista, Ingraham, 7-00.00

Boys Long Jump

First: Joseph Misenti, Bainbridge, 17-04.00

Second: Taylor Wilson, Bainbridge, 16-08.50

Third: Matt Stone, Bainbridge, 15-09.75

Fourth: Connor Dalton, Bainbridge, 13-03.75

Boys Triple Jump

First: Ford Eimon, Bainbridge, 35-00.00

Boys Shot Put

First: Adam Frazier, Ingraham, 42-02.50

Second: Ryan Comstock, Bainbridge, 41-07.00

Third: Liam Comidy, Ingraham, 38-04.50

Fourth: Joshua Ramsdell, Ingraham, 31-01.50

Fifth: Richard Hill, Ingraham, 26-10.00

Boys Discus Throw

First: Adam Frazier, Ingraham, 114-00

Second: Taylor Wilson, Bainbridge, 108-05

Third: Casey Brink, Bainbridge, 99-11

Fourth: Liam Comidy, Ingraham, 84-04

Fifth: Robert Davis, Bainbridge, 74-06

Sixth: Joshua Ramsdell, Ingraham, 65-08

Seventh: Richard Hill, Ingraham, 65-01

Eighth: Fergus Pons, Bainbridge, 52-04

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