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Spartan tracksters impress against Cleveland and Franklin

April 12, 2013 · Updated 12:24 PM

The Spartans dominated in the high jump and pole vault in boys track and field against Franklin and Cleveland, and also had winning performances in the 100-meter, 400-meter and 1600-meter races in Bainbridge’s recent home meet their Metro counterparts.

Jack Odell, Jay Terry and Connor Evans finished first, second and third, respectively, in the high jump for BHS.

Joseph Misenti claimed first for Bainbridge by clearing 10-06.00 in the pole vault, and fellow Spartans Dan Gwiazdon, Lucas Labrosse and Ryan Abbott all tied for second place (7-06.00).

Matt Stone won the 100-meter in 11.79.

Tyler Martinez-Green placed first in the 400-meter finals, and Tyler Cox claimed first in the 1600-meter with a time of 4:38.58.

In girls varsity competition, Bainbridge was unbeatable in the 400-meter.

Bainbridge’s Danielle Bogardus was first in 1:01.89; Aerin Amore, second (1:02.40); Lindsay Wienkers, third (1:02.55); and Ivy Terry, fourth (1:06.05).

The Spartan girls also swept the top five spots in the 1600-meter.

Allison Murphy rocketed to first place in 5:23.39.

Signe Lindquist placed second (5:39.65); Anna Misenti was third (6:03.35); Kellie Miller, fourth (6:03.39); and Elizabeth von Ruden, fifth (6:20.01).

Bainbridge vs. Franklin, Cleveland


100-Meter -  Finals

First: Matt Stone, 11.79, Bainbridge

Second: Adrian Dela Cruz, 11.87, Franklin

Third: Jordan Wallace, 11.93, Cleveland

Fourth: Joseph Misenti, 12.02, Bainbridge

200-Meter -  Finals

First: Da Shawn Jackson, 24.38, Cleveland

Eighth: Joseph Misenti, 25.45, Bainbridge

10th: David Kimmerlein, 25.85, Bainbridge

400-Meter -  Finals

First: Tyler Martinez-Green, 55.29, Bainbridge

Second: Ford Eimon, 56.48, Bainbridge

Third: Javon Walker, 57.38, Cleveland

Fourth: David Kimmerlein, 57.95, Bainbridge

Fifth: Elijah Warren, 58.47, Franklin

Sixth: Noah Strevell, 59.28, Bainbridge

11th: Austin Harper, DNS Bainbridge

800-Meter -  Finals

First: Enrique Gomez, 2:12.74, Franklin

1600-Meter -  Finals

First: Tyler Cox, 4:38.58, Bainbridge

Second: Liban Dahir, 4:50.76, Franklin

Third: Nathan Thai, 5:01.94, Franklin

Fourth: Gordon Shelton-Jenck, 5:02.26, Bainbridge

Fifth: Finn Southerland, 5:19.05, Franklin

Seventh: Johannes Griesser, 5:24.88, Bainbridge

Ninth: Aaron Trapp, 5:40.77, Bainbridge

11th: Connor Evans, 5:46.34, Bainbridge

16th: Trevor Heater, 6:07.18, Bainbridge

17th: Nicholas Shiach, 6:10.92, Bainbridge

3200-Meter -  Finals

First: Liban Dahir, 10:37.55, Franklin

110-Meter Hurdles -  Finals

First: Adrian Dela Cruz, 15.80, Franklin

Second: Jaz Smith, 15.85, Franklin

Third: Jay Terry, 19.52, Bainbridge

Fourth: Ben Scott, 21.76, Bainbridge

Fifth: Charlie Hanacek, 22.05, Bainbridge

300-Meter Hurdles -  Finals

First: Adrian Dela Cruz, 42.16, Franklin

Second: Jaz Smith, 43.38, Franklin

Third: Jay Terry, 46.47, Bainbridge

Fourth: Casey Brink, 46.65, Bainbridge

Fifth: Ben Scott, 50.80, Bainbridge

Eighth: Charlie Hanacek, 52.20, Bainbridge

4x100 Relay -  Finals

First: - Da’Lawn Jackson, Amonte Phillips, Javon Walker and Jordan Wallace 46.47, Cleveland

Second: - Mark Sampayan, Marcel Boatwright, James Flowers and Adrian Dela Cruz 46.51, Franklin

Third: - Joseph Misenti, Matt Stone, Nich Allen and Morgan Leader 46.83, Bainbridge

4x400 Relay -  Finals

First: Tyler Cox, Tyler Martinez-Green, Ford Eimon and Noah Strevell 3:54.80, Bainbridge

Second: - Elijah Warren, Mark Sampayan, Theodore Thomas and Cameron Felix 3:59.31, Franklin

Shot Put -  Finals

First: Edwin Jacob, 39-10.00 Franklin

Second: Taylor Wilson, 34-07.50 Bainbridge

Third: Ryan Comstock, 34-06.00 Bainbridge

Fourth: Kiawe Farr, 33-04.50 Cleveland

Fifth: Christian Hepworth, 32-09.00 Bainbridge

Discus -  Finals

First: Edwin Jacob, 101-08 Franklin

Second: Taylor Wilson, 95-04 Bainbridge

Third: Mukhtar Isake, 90-04 Cleveland

Fourth: Casey Brink, 85-05 Bainbridge

Eighth: Fergus Pons, 52-04 Bainbridge

High Jump -  Finals

First: Jack Odell, 5-10.00 Bainbridge

Second: Jay Terry, 5-08.00 Bainbridge

Third: Connor Evans, 5-04.00 Bainbridge

Third: Amonte Phillips, 5-04.00 Cleveland

Fifth: Dale Daniels, II 5-00.00 Cleveland

Fifth: Ford Eimon, 5-00.00 Bainbridge

Fifth: Robert Davis, 5-00.00 Bainbridge

Fifth: Ryan Abbott, 5-00.00 Bainbridge

Fifth: Charlie Rice, 5-00.00 Bainbridge

Fifth: Jerome Lewis, 5-00.00 Franklin

Pole Vault -  Finals

First: Joseph Misenti, 10-06.00 Bainbridge

Second: Dan Gwiazdon, 7-06.00 Bainbridge

Second: Lucas Labrosse, 7-06.00 Bainbridge

Second: Ryan Abbott, 7-06.00 Bainbridge

Long Jump -  Finals

First: Jaz Smith 17-03.50 Franklin

Second: Dale Daniels II, 17-03.00 Cleveland

Second: Amonte Phillips, 17-03.00 Cleveland

Fourth: Ryan Abbott, 15-05.00 Bainbridge

Fifth: Theodore Thomas, 15-04.75 Franklin

Sixth: D’onte Jackson, 13-06.00 Franklin

Sixth: Robert Davis, 13-06.00 Bainbridge

Eighth: Charlie Rice, 13-00.00 Bainbridge

Ninth: Connor Cunningham, 12-07.50 Bainbridge

Triple Jump -  Finals

First: Jerome Lewis, 36-07.00 Franklin

Second: Ford Eimon, 34-04.00 Bainbridge

Third: D’onte Jackson, 29-01.25 Franklin


100-Meter -  Finals

First: Dionna Cox, 13.30, Franklin

Second: Jennifer Williams, 13.52, Cleveland

Third: Brea Ali, 13.82, Franklin

Fourth: Serena Canner, 13.83, Bainbridge

200-Meter -  Finals

First: Dionna Cox, 26.95, Franklin

Second: Jennifer Williams, 27.79, Cleveland

Third: Serena Canner, 28.25, Bainbridge

Fourth: Bailey List, 28.73, Bainbridge

Fifth: Shaleiyah Wilson, 29.79, Franklin

Eighth: Madison Bolejack, 30.94, Bainbridge

400-Meter -  Finals

First: Danielle Bogardus, 1:01.89, Bainbridge

Second: Aerin Amore, 1:02.40, Bainbridge

Third: Lindsay Wienkers, 1:02.55, Bainbridge

Fourth: Ivy Terry, 1:06.05, Bainbridge

800-Meter -  Finals

First: Alison Wise, 2:31.46, Bainbridge

Second: Nicole Wong, 2:41.33, Franklin

1600-Meter -  Finals

First: Allison Murphy, 5:23.39, Bainbridge

Second: Signe Lindquist, 5:39.65, Bainbridge

Third: Anna Misenti, 6:03.35, Bainbridge

Fourth: Kellie Miller, 6:03.39, Bainbridge

Fifth: Elizabeth von Ruden, 6:20.01, Bainbridge

3200-Meter -  Finals

First: Mckenzie Bell, 13:14.67, Bainbridge

Second: Nicolette Dixon, 15:03.28, Bainbridge

100-Meter Hurdles -  Finals

First: Katelyn Shephard, 16.90, Bainbridge

Second: Shelby Sundquist, 19.58, Bainbridge

Third: Madeline Rogers, 20.22, Bainbridge

300-Meter Hurdles -  Finals

First: Katelyn Shephard, 53.41, Bainbridge

Second: Hanna Rossen, 1:02.08, Cleveland

Third: Jamilette Ruiz, 2:15.79, Cleveland

4x100 Relay -  Finals

First: - Bailey List, Lindsay Wienkers, Serena Canner and Katelyn Shephard 52.05, Bainbridge

Second: - Dionna Cox, Jada Finkley, Brea Ali and Savanna Reid 53.40, Franklin

4x200 Relay -  Finals

First: - Relay Team 1:52.59, Franklin

Second: - Madison Bolejack, Caroline Ginder, Sophie Bodlovich and Paige Adams 2:03.75, Bainbridge

4x400 Relay -  Finals

First: - Aerin Amore, Danielle Bogardus, Alison Wise and Lindsay Wienkers 4:25.70, Bainbridge

Second: - Relay Team 4:38.38, Bainbridge

Third: - Brea Ali, Jada Finkley, Helen Ngo and Savanna Reid 4:53.51, Franklin

Shot Put -  Finals

First: Alexia Mefi, 33-01.50 Cleveland

Second: Isa Todd, 25-11.00 Bainbridge

Third: Adrionna Armstead, 21-03.50 Franklin

Discus -  Finals

First: Alexia Mefi, 92-09 Cleveland

Second: Isa Todd, 71-04 Bainbridge

Third: Adrionna Armstead, 47-07 Franklin

High Jump -  Finals

First: Katelyn Shephard, 4-06.00 Bainbridge

Second: Kiera Gallagher, 4-00.00 Bainbridge

Pole Vault -  Finals

First: Madison Bolejack, 6-06.00 Bainbridge

Long Jump -  Finals

First: Tyresha Jones-Smith, 13-05.00 Cleveland

Second: Madeline Rogers, 13-03.75 Bainbridge

Third: Kiera Gallagher, 12-09.50 Bainbridge

Fourth: Eliza Townsend, 12-06.00 Bainbridge

Fourth: Miriam McBride, 12-06.00 Franklin

Triple Jump -  Finals

First: Danielle Bogardus, 34-05.00 Bainbridge

Second: Ciana Maasen, 29-05.00 Bainbridge

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