Eleven Spartans to represent Bainbridge at state meet

Bainbridge’s Spencer Alpaugh swims in the finals of the 200 individual medley race at the SeaKing district championship meet on Saturday, Feb. 9.  - Megan Managan / Mercer Island Reporter
Bainbridge’s Spencer Alpaugh swims in the finals of the 200 individual medley race at the SeaKing district championship meet on Saturday, Feb. 9.
— image credit: Megan Managan / Mercer Island Reporter

If you can’t find a place to sit at the Streamliner Diner for breakfast on Friday, there’s a simple reason why.

The Spartans are heading back to state.

The Bainbridge boys swimming team will fuel up at the popular eatery before they head to Federal Way, where they hope to pick-up some tantalizing takeout: a few state titles.

Three Spartans will swim at the state 3A championships in individual events — Marcus Tonsmann (200-yard freestyle and 100 butterfly), Kevin Yalung (50 free) Spencer Alpaugh (200 IM and 500 free) — and Bainbridge will also compete in three relay races (200 medley, 200 free and 400 free). The Spartans’ other relay swimmers — Logan McDaniel, Sam Alpaugh, CJ Waite, Adam Comeau, Andrew Callahan, Nick Williams, Bill Lee and Arthur Bacon — are also making the trip to the King County Aquatic Center for the state meet.

Spartan Coach Kaycee Taylor said Bainbridge isn’t taking a senior-packed and sizable squad to the state meet as they did last year. No matter.

“It’s a smaller group coming back, but I’ve been impressed with how hard they’ve worked,” Taylor said. “It’s been a great season.”

The Spartans head to Federal Way on the heels of a second-place finish in the Metro Championships and a seventh-place finish at districts.

The Bainbridge relay team of McDaniel, Waite, Alpaugh and Yalung are tentatively slated to compete in the 200-yard medley.

The foursome enter state as the sixth seed with a time of 1:42.29

The Spartans may swap out McDaniel in the No. 1 swimmer spot with Sam Alpaugh for the backstroke leg of the race, however, leaving Waite for the breaststroke, Spencer Alpaugh for the butterfly, and Yalung for freestyle.

“We’ve got two fantastic backstrokers,” Taylor said of McDaniel and Sam Alpaugh.

“They are neck-and-neck four times. So it relay comes down to who is going to be the fastest,” he said.

The pair have been trading off during the post-season meets, with one swimming on the first day of the meet, and the other, on the second day of the meet.

In the district preliminaries, McDaniel, Waite, Sam Alpaugh and Yalung finished sixth in 1:43.77.

But in the district finals, the lineup of Sam Alpaugh, Waite, Spencer Alpaugh and Yalung finished fifth in 1:43.48.

The coach said he has yet to make up his mind between McDaniel, a sophomore, and Sam Alpaugh, a freshman.

Both swimmers are hoping to swim in the state meet race.

“I know Sam really, really wants it. And I like that attitude and drive and desire,” Taylor said.

“They both want it,” the coach quickly added. “Logan, just the other day was like, ‘Is it me?’

“It’s just a numbers game at this point,” Taylor said. “When it comes time for state, someone’s going at 28 on their leg, and the other guy does 27, well, that’s your guy.

Spencer Alpaugh also qualified for the state meet in two individual events.

He advanced in the 200-yard individual medley by coming in fifth in the district finals, and will also compete in the 500-yard freestyle after a ninth-place finish in the finals.

In the 200 medley, Alpaugh is seeded seventh, and in the 500 freestyle, he’s seeded 10th.

Taylor said the 500 may be Bainbridge’s best shot at taking a title.

“I think Spencer can win the 500 freestyle. I think he’s focused on it,” the coach said.

“If I look at the seed times, he’s competed faster than all of those other guys earlier in the season and at club meets,” Taylor said.

Alpaugh enters the race with a time of 4:55.37.

Top-seeded Abrahm Devine of Lakeside has a qualifying time of 4:43.05, but Taylor isn’t worried.

“He can go that fast,” he said of Alpaugh.

Tonsmann will compete for the Spartans in the 200-yard freestyle.

He enters the 3A contest at the 13th seed in the race and a qualifying time of 1:50.03.

Last year, Tonsmann finished in the preliminaries in 1:52.40 and took 20th place.

Tonsmann will also race in the 100-yard butterfly, in addition to his place on the freestyle relay teams.

The 11th seed for the 100 fly, he had a qualifying time of 55.12 for the state meet.

Besides racing in the 200-yard medley relay and the 400-yard freestyle relay, Yalung will also compete in the 50-yard freestyle after he won sixth place in the district competition.

Yalung, a senior, posted a qualifying time of 22.07.

The Spartans will also challenge in the 100-yard breaststroke.

Waite is seeded eighth, and qualified with a time of  1:02.11.

Bainbridge will also compete in two other relay races; the 200-yard freestyle relay and the 400-yard freestyle relay.

The Spartan 200-yard freestyle relay team of Adam Comeau, Tonsmann, Yalung and Waite took sixth place at districts with a time of 1:33.15. They enter the 3A meet seeded 11th.

The team for the Spartans last race, in the 400-yard freestyle relay, won’t be decided until race day.

The lineup is currently Adam Comeau, Tonsmann, Sam Alpaugh and Waite.

While Comeau will likely remain the leadoff swimmer, the coach said Yalung might move into the No. 2 spot, with Tonsmann third, and Waite or Bill Lee as the anchor.

“CJ is doing a great job swimming and going really fast. But he’s got the 200 breaststroke right before,” Taylor said.

“If he gets finals in that, I’m going to rest him,” he said.

Lee may also find himself in the race.

“He’s had a great drop in his time; he’s consistently getting to where we need him to be,” Taylor said.

It will all come down to “the moment of” decision, the coach said.

“That one is still a question mark. And that will be decided right after CJ swims,” he said.

Bainbridge is taking a smaller squad to this year’s state meet at the King County Aquatic Facility — 11 competitors, down from 16 last year — and the trip to Federal Way follows a less-than-expected finish at districts last week.

At last weekend’s Sea-King District 2 Championships, Bainbridge finished in seventh place, with 88 points.

The slight letdown came after Bainbridge took second place in the Metro Championships the week before, a league finish that was as good or better than the team imagined.

Taylor said the Spartans expected to finish in second or third in the league.

“Just the way our dual meet season went — the only team that beat us was Lakeside,” he said.

The Spartans swam slower in the district meet, he said.

Even so, Tonsmann picked up state-qualifying times in the 100 fly and the 200 freestyle.

“That’s a big deal,” Taylor said.

“And Day Two [of districts] for Spencer was a great day for his 500 freestyle time,” the coach said of the older Alpaugh brother on the BHS team.

“It’s not his fastest time, but it’s his fastest time this season. So it’s nice to see that on the last day, ramping up to this week, that he’s dropping that time and feeling pretty good about that swim,” Taylor said.

The team didn’t do as well as they hoped, however.

“I was a little bit surprised with some of our guys who were seeded well going into districts, didn’t even make consolations. That hurt,” Taylor said.

“Greg [Colby, assistant coach] usually scores the meets out ahead of time, and I think he had us fifth. We finished seventh,” Taylor noted.

That said, the coach noted that the Sea-King championship is the toughest district in the state, and the Spartans’ finish there may mirror where the team ends up this weekend.

“The champion is going to be either Lakeside, Mercer or Bellevue. And then it’s a fight: O’Dea, us, Prep,” he said.


Sea-King District 2 Championships Results


200-Yard Medley Relay

First: Bellevue, 1:37.95

Second: Mercer Island, 1:38.69

Third: Lakeside, 1:40.00

Fourth: Interlake, 1:43.43

Fifth: Bainbridge,, 1:43.48 (Sam Alpaugh, CJ Waite, Spencer Alpaugh and Kevin Yalung)

Sixth: Seattle Prep, 1:44.02

B - Final

Seventh: Liberty, 1:44.50

Eighth: O’Dea, 1:45.61

Ninth: Blanchet, 1:51.70

10th: Franklin, 1:53.57

11th: Ingraham, 1:58.49

12th: Eastside Catholic, 2:00.20


200-Yard Freestyle

First: Nick Klatt, Liberty,, 1:45.66

Second: Grant Gamroth, O’Dea,, 1:46.55

Third: Carter Jacobsen, Lakeside, 1:48.04

Fourth: Xander Barbar, Ingraham, 1:48.13

Fifth: Ian Caldwell, Mercer Island, 1:49.81

Sixth: Ben Gore, Mercer Island, 1:50.98

B - Final

Seventh: Todd McCarthy, Bellevue, 1:43.07

Eighth: Daniel Prang, Bellevue, 1:49.12 3A

Ninth: Marcus Tonsmann, Bainbridge, 1:51.52

10th: Hugh Jacobsen, Lakeside, 1:51.99

11th: Elliot Schwinn, Eastside Catholic, 1:52.84

12th: Michael Stewart, Chief Sealth, 1:59.40


200-Yard IM

First: Abrahm DeVine, Lakeside, 1:58.57

Second: Thomas Hutchison, Lakeside, 1:59.55

Third: Morgan Ciliv, Bellevue, 2:00.08

Fourth: Duncan Koontz, Mercer Island, 2:00.18

Fifth: Spencer Alpaugh, Bainbridge, 2:00.19

Sixth: Jake McCollough, Nathan Hale, 2:04.27

B - Final

Seventh: Connor Biehl, Liberty, 2:00.33

Eighth: Samuel Chong, Mercer Island, 2:03.45

Ninth: Hunter Wilson, Seattle Prep, 2:04.24

10th: Jeffery Li, Interlake, 2:05.44

11th: Blake Seidner, Lakeside, 2:07.75

12th: Landon Ton, Ingraham, 2:09.19


50-Yard Freestyle

First: Andrew Weiss, Mercer Island, 21.33

Second: Matt Williams, Bellevue, 21.71

Third: Michael Goodwin, Seattle Prep, 21.87

Fourth: Grant Neil, O’Dea, 21.90

Fifth: Michael Lorr, Interlake, 22.26

Sixth: Kevin Yalung, Bainbridge, 22.43

B - Final

Seventh: Brandt Waesche, Mercer Island, 22.39

Eighth: Karl MacLane, Mercer Island, 22.69

Ninth: Max Peterson, Juanita, 22.82

10th: Sebastian Edwards-Fukei, Nathan Hale, 22.95

11th: Samuel Peterson, Mercer Island, 22.99

12th: James Doucette, Bellevue, 23.06


1-Meter Diving


First: Cody Hall, Mercer Island, 356.70

Second: Connor Nielson, Mercer Island, 285.65

Third: Trevor Altizer, Juanita, 277.00

Fourth: Zac Skeltis, O’Dea, 267.95

Fifth: Thomas Hughes, Liberty, 229.45

Sixth: Kyle Grichel, Juanita, 224.20

Seventh: Cole Wydrowski, Bellevue, 219.75

Eighth: Reed Hendrickson, Bellevue, 215.75

Ninth: Doug Mclellan,  Mercer Island, 200.55

10th: Chase Jones, Bellevue, 189.25

11th: Alex Shinstrom, Juanita, 185.50


100-Yard Butterfly

A - Final

First: Grant Neil, O’Dea, 51.95

Second: Duncan Koontz, Mercer Island, 53.84

Third: Michael Shum, Lakeside, 53.98

Fourth: Henry Stolz, Lakeside, 54.69

Fifth: James Doucette, Bellevue, 55.37

Sixth: Austin Ralph, Mercer Island, 56.20

B - Final

Seventh: Dean Nguyen, Franklin, 55.18

Eighth: Karl MacLane, Mercer Island, 55.85

Ninth: Marcus Tonsmann, Bainbridge, 56.38

10th: Alex Lorenz, Interlake, 56.57

11th: Jeff Jones, O’Dea, 56.61

12th: Andres Alvarez, Blanchet 57.33


100-Yard Freestyle

A - Final

First: Andrew Weiss, Mercer Island, 47.13

Second: Matt Williams, Bellevue,47.51

Third: Michael Goodwin, Seattle Prep, 48.02

Fourth: Noah Deiparine, Mercer Island, 48.64

Fifth: Carter Jacobsen, Lakeside, 49.18

Sixth: Ian Caldwell, Mercer Island, 49.36

B - Final

Seventh: Brandt Waesche, Mercer Island, 49.32

Eighth: Joe Lorr, Interlake, 49.53

Ninth: Daniel Prang, Bellevue, 49.84

10th: Michael Stewart, Chief Sealth, 49.93

11th: Sebastian Edwards-Fukei, Nathan Hale, 50.20

12th: Kevin Yalung, Bainbridge, 50.97


500-Yard Freestyle

A - Final

First: Abrahm DeVine, Lakeside, 4:43.05

Second: Nick Klatt, Liberty, 4:44.16

Third: Xander Barbar, Ingraham 4:56.62

Fourth: Noah Davis, Interlake, 4:57.81

Fifth: Jake McCollough, Nathan Hale, 4:58.35

Sixth: Henry Stolz, Lakeside, 5:03.78

B - Final

Seventh: Michael Stanchi,Bellevue, 4:51.47

Eighth: Elliot Schwinn, Eastside Catholic, 4:55.30

Ninth: Spencer Alpaugh, Bainbridge, 4:55.37

10th: Matthew Gates, Ingraham, 4:57.64

11th: Tanner Martinez, Mercer Island, 4:58.26

12th: Blake Seidner, Lakeside, 5:02.78


200-Yard Freestyle Relay

A - Final

First: Mercer Island, 1:28.87

Second: Bellevue, 1:29.10

Third: Lakeside, 1:29.91

Fourth: O’Dea, 1:32.13

Fifth: Juanita, 1:32.73

Sixth: Bainbridge, 1:33.15 (Kevin Yalung, Adam Comeau, Marcus

Tonsmann and CJ Waite)

B - Final

Seventh: Ingraham, 1:33.86

Eighth: Blanchet, 1:34.37

Ninth: Interlake, 1:35.69

10th: Nathan Hale, 1:38.17

11th: Liberty, 1:40.21

12th: Franklin, 1:41.36


100-Yard Backstroke

A - Final

First: Todd McCarthy, Bellevue, 51.03

Second: Michael Stanchi, Bellevue, 54.70

Third: Thomas Hutchison, Lakeside, 55.22

Fourth: Hunter Wilson, Seattle Prep, 55.56

Fifth: Austin Ralph, Mercer Island, 57.23

Sixth: Samuel Chong, Mercer Island, 57.31

B - Final

Seventh: Marco Stanchi, Bellevue, 56.83

Eighth: Teddy Larkin, Mercer Island, 57.55

Ninth: Nate Miller, Seattle Prep, 58.05

10th: Albert Furlong, Interlake, 58.41

11th: Patrick Tjandra, Seattle Prep, 58.56

12th: Kyle Grichel, Juanita, 58.75


100-Yard Breaststroke

A - Final

First: Raymond Ha, Liberty, 59.10

Second: Morgan Ciliv, Bellevue, 1:00.00

Third: Dean Nguyen, Franklin, 1:01.07

Fourth: Noah Deiparine, Mercer Island, 1:01.36

Fifth: Michael Shum, Lakeside, 1:02.53

Sixth: Jeffery Li, Interlake, 1:04.29

B - Final

Seventh: Hugh Jacobsen, Lakeside, 1:03.67

Eighth: John McDonagh, Blanchet, 1:03.72

Ninth: Tanner Martinez, Mercer Island, 1:04.33

10th: David Lloyd, O’Dea, 1:04.89

11th: Andrew Fukuda, Mercer Island, 1:04.99

12th: Michael Lorr, Interlake, 1:05.30


400-Yard Free Relay

A - Final

First: Bellevue, 3:12.62

Second: Mercer Island, 3:12.65

Third: Lakeside, 3:17.29

Fourth: O’Dea, 3:22.03

Fifth: Interlake, 3:25.75

Sixth: Bainbridge, 3:25.84 (Adam Comeau, Marcus Tonsmann, Bill Lee and CJ Waite)

B - Final

Seventh: Liberty, 3:26.26

Eighth: Ingraham, 3:26.62

Ninth: Blanchet, 3:30.43

10th: Nathan Hale, 3:36.92

11th: Seattle Prep, 3:37.44

12th: Juanita, 3:40.46


Team Rankings

First: Mercer Island, 295

Second: Bellevue, 226

Third: Lakeside, 206

Fourth: O’Dea, 110

Fifth: Interlake, 95

Sixth: Liberty, 94

Seventh: Bainbridge, 88

Eighth: Seattle Prep, 67

Ninth: Ingraham, 55

10th: Juanita, 50

11th: Nathan Hale, 36

12th: Bishop Blanchet, 32

13th: Franklin, 27

14th: Eastside Catholic, 9

15th: Chief Sealth, 4


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