Spartans qualify two for state in meet against Wildcats

The Spartans’ Bill Lee swims to a second-place finish in the 200-yard individual medley during Friday’s meet against O’Dea. He finished with a district-qualifying time of 2:12.26. Teammate Marcus Tonsmann was first in 2:10.91.  - Brian Kelly / Bainbridge Island Review
The Spartans’ Bill Lee swims to a second-place finish in the 200-yard individual medley during Friday’s meet against O’Dea. He finished with a district-qualifying time of 2:12.26. Teammate Marcus Tonsmann was first in 2:10.91.
— image credit: Brian Kelly / Bainbridge Island Review

It was fast, but first-class.

The Spartans qualified two swimmers for the state 3A meet during Tuesday’s meet against West Seattle at the Bainbridge Island Aquatics Center.

Bainbridge won easily in a shortened meet against the Wildcats, 127-19, as West Seattle had only six swimmers competing against a much stronger Spartan squad.

Bainbridge Coach Kaycee Taylor had reason to celebrate anyway, thanks to a little mixing and matching before the meet got underway.

Spencer Alpaugh took first place in the 100-yard butterfly, after a late switch from the 100-yard backstroke.

“He initially talked to me about wanting to do the 100 back[stroke],” Taylor recalled.

“He looked at the lineup and he saw that — oh, my brother is in there, and another guy [from BHS] — I don’t want to swim with them,” the coach recalled.

“So we switched at the last minute and he did the 100 fly, and he was also close to a state time in that,” Taylor said.

Close, as in, good enough to qualify for the state 3A meet.

“He had a great swim. His time going into it was a 55.97, and he finished with a 55.32.”

The time was good enough to qualify for state, just under the 3A benchmark time of 55.40.

“It’s our first of the season, which is pretty exciting,” Taylor said of the qualifier.

Taylor said the outcome was a bit surprising.

Besides the late switch, Alpaugh didn’t have the motivation of going against swimmers from a competing team.

Instead, two of his fellow Spartans were in the pool with him, with Marcus Tonsmann in the next lane and Adam Comeau also in the race.

“He had someone to race, but it’s not the same as racing a competitor from another team,” Taylor said.

Tonsmann was second in 56.21, and Comeau claimed third in 59.94 — both district-qualifying times.

Breaking the barrier for the state meet was good for Alpaugh and the Spartans overall, the coach added.

“For Spencer, we already knew he could do it, but to have it there means that he’s going to have other events he wants to shoot for,” the coach said of Alpaugh’s state-qualifying time. “It’s a mental thing — and it’s good for team morale.”

A last-minute rearrangement in the 100-yard breaststroke found sophomore CJ Waite by himself.

Racing in lane four, Waite could hear the encouraging shouts from his fellow Spartans at the pool’s edge as he beat his own best time — and qualified for state.

“His best time in high school season, he had been around a 104.30 ... and he ends up going 1:02.11,” Taylor said.

“He’s a full second under the state qualifying time,” he said.

Last year, Waite didn’t qualify for the state meet until the last meet of the season.

“That was exciting; two state times, and a good point in the season to do it,” Taylor said.

This week’s win over West Seattle followed Friday’s victory against O’Dea.

Bainbridge bested the Fighting Irish 101-84. It was the third year in a row that the Spartans have won over O’Dea.

The Spartans had first- and second-place wins in the 200-yard medley relay, the 200-yard individual medley, and the 500-yard freestyle. Bainbridge also took first and third in the 100-yard breaststroke and the 400-yard freestyle relay.

“Our 400 freestyle team came really close to a state qualifying time,” Taylor said.

The team of Comeau, Sam Alpaugh, Andrew Callahan and Tonsmann finished in 3.28:94. The qualifying time for the state 3A meet is 3:26.90.

Taylor noted he mixed up the makeup of his A and B relay teams, in the hopes of winning second and third place rather than just first, so the two Spartan teams were almost equal, time-wise.

“Second and third outscores first all the time,” he said.

“We ended up going first and second in a bunch of events, instead of just third and fourth or second and third,” Taylor added. “That was neat to see - that the depth that we have been working on and hoping for all season is starting to come out.”

The Spartans will swim against Seattle Prep Friday in an away-from-home meet. Taylor said Bainbridge will face a tougher battle than it did against the Fighting Irish, as O’Dea had several swimmers out of the lineup during last Friday’s meet.

“Prep is going to be tough. They are a big strong team; really well-coached,” Taylor noted.

“It will be more of a challenge. They are able to fill out a little more of their events than O’Dea,” he added.

“If O’Dea was full-strength, it would have been more of a dog fight at the end. It will be a close challenge, I think.”


Bainbridge vs. West Seattle Results

Boys 200-Yard Medley Relay

First: Bainbridge A Relay, 1:45.72 (Logan McDaniel, CJ Waite,

Spencer Alpaugh and Kevin Yalung)

Second: Bainbridge B Relay, 1:52.48 (Sam Alpaugh, Bill Lee, Marcus Tonsmann and Andrew Callahan)

Third: Bainbridge C Relay, 2:13.36 (Conner Vacca, Jack Riley, Noah Clark and Ricky Ackerley)

Fourth: West Seattle A Relay, 2:25.32 (Miles Thornton, Luke Asatiani, Andrew Khim and Fil Gebrekidan)


Boys 200-Yard Freestyle

First: Eric Nibarger, Bainbridge, 2:21.02

Second: Robert Lafferty, Bainbridge, 2:53.18

Third: Greg Johansson, Bainbridge, 3:09.54


Boys 200-Yard IM

First: Bill Lee, Bainbridge, 2:12.33

Second: Douglas Ortyn, Bainbridge, 2:21.99


Boys 50-Yard Freestyle

First: Kevin Yalung, Bainbridge, 23.46

Second: Spencer Alpaugh, Bainbridge, 24.87

Third: Andrew Callahan, Bainbridge, 25.25

Fourth: Miles Thornton, West Seattle, 34.90

Fifth: Fil Gebrekidan, West Seattle, 35.29

Sixth: Sam Tsegay, West Seattle, 36.05


Boys 1-Meter Diving

First: Coleman Mitchell, Bainbridge, 163.90


Boys 100-Yard Butterfly

First: Spencer Alpaugh, Bainbridge, 55.32

Second: Marcus Tonsmann, Bainbridge, 56.21

Third: Adam Comeau, Bainbridge, 59.94


Boys 100-Yard Freestyle

First: Bill Lee, Bainbridge, 53.90

Second: Andrew Callahan, Bainbridge, 56.02

Third: Sam Alpaugh, Bainbridge, 57.17

Fourth: Luke Asatiani, West Seattle, 57.30

Fifth: Miles Thornton, West Seattle, 1:16.82

Sixth: Fils Gebrekidan, West Seattle, 1:26.43


Bainbridge vs. O’Dea Results

Boys 200-Yard Medley Relay

First: Bainbridge A Relay, 1:46.56 (Logan McDaniel, CJ Waite,

Spencer Alpaugh and Kevin Yalung)

Second: Bainbridge B Relay, 1:50.18 (Sam Alpaugh, Keenan Grant, Adam Comeau and Andrew Callahan)

Third: O’Dea A Relay, 1:50.27 (JC Heckman, David Lloyd, Jeff Jones and Bryce Mooney)

Fourth: O’Dea B Relay, 2:06.27 (Michael Moran, Francisco Gonzalez, Drake Ramsdall and Phil Happe-Hartsell)

Fifth: Bainbridge C Relay, 2:06.93 (Douglas Ortyn, Arthur Bacon, Jack Riley and Max Schardein)

Sixth: O’Dea C Relay, 2:16.14 (Broderick Fitch, Patrick Barba, Ryan Liam and Will Trainer)


Boys 200-Yard Freestyle

First: Grant Gamroth, O’Dea, 1:50.59

Second: Spencer Alpaugh, Bainbridge, 1:52.05

Third: Dylan Jergens, O’Dea, 1:59.91

Fourth: Sam Alpaugh, Bainbridge, 2:04.60

Fifth: Eric Nibarger, Bainbridge, 2:21.49

Sixth: Andy Johnson, O’Dea, 2:21.97


Boys 200-Yard IM

First: Marcus Tonsmann, Bainbridge, 2:10.91

Second: Bill Lee, Bainbridge, 2:12.26

Third: Bryce Mooney, O’Dea, 2:17.89

Fourth: James Bullock, Bainbridge, 2:19.22

Fifth: David Lloyd, O’Dea, 2:24.74


Boys 50-Yard Freestyle

First: Grant Neil, O’Dea, 22.55

Second: Kevin Yalung, Bainbridge, 23.28

Third: Andrew Callahan, Bainbridge, 24.95

Fourth: JC Heckman, O’Dea, 24.96

Fifth: Nick Williams, Bainbridge, 24.98

Sixth: Phil Happe-Hartsell, O’Dea, 28.29


Boys 1-Meter Diving

First: Zac Skeltis, O’Dea, 162.35

Second: Coleman Mitchell, Bainbridge, 161.60

Third: Brennan Kichline, O’Dea, 97.70

Fourth: Williem Chamberlain, O’Dea, 92.80


Boys 100-Yard Butterfly

First: Grant Neil, O’Dea, 53.51

Second: Marcus Tonsmann, Bainbridge, 56.56

Third: Jeff Jones, O’Dea, 58.90

Fourth: Adam Comeau, Bainbridge, 59.65

Fifth: Sam Alpaugh, Bainbridge, 1:03.91

Sixth: Ryan Liam, O’Dea, 1:24.38


Boys 100-Yard Freestyle

First: Sam Nelson, O’Dea, 52.58

Second: Kevin Yalung, Bainbridge, 53.79

Third: Bryce Mooney, O’Dea, 55.03

Fourth: Keenan Grant, Bainbridge, 55.08

Fifth: Nick Williams, Bainbridge, 55.09

Sixth: Andy Johnson, O’Dea, 1:04.19


Boys 500-Yard Freestyle

First: Spencer Alpaugh, Bainbridge, 5:00.74

Second: Logan McDaniel, Bainbridge, 5:11.04

Third: Grant Gamroth, O’Dea, 5:18.90

Fourth: Dylan Jergens, O’Dea, 5:41.38

Fifth: Jack Riley, Bainbridge, 6:03.02


Boys 200-Yard Freestyle Relay

First: O’Dea A, 1:34.21 (Grant Neil, Sam Nelson, Grant Gamroth and Dylan Jergens)

Second: Bainbridge A, 1:36.70 (Marcus Tonsmann, Andrew Callahan, Adam Comeau and Kevin Yalung)

Third: Bainbridge B, 1:41.82 (CJ Waite, Keenan Grant, James Bullock and Nick Williams)

Fourth: Bainbridge C, 1:47.09 (Andrew Yalung, Douglas Ortyn, Arthur Bacon and Conner Vacca)

Fifth: O’Dea B, 1:48.36 (Jeff Jones, Will Trainer, Andy Johnson and Phil Happe-Hartsell)

Sixth: O’Dea C, 1:55.77 (Theo Falip, Broderick Fitch, Drake Ramsdall and Williem Chamberlain)


Boys 100-Yard Backstroke

First: Sam Nelson, O’Dea, 1:01.73

Second: JC Heckman, O’Dea, 1:02.37

Third: James Bullock, Bainbridge, 1:06.11

Fourth: CJ Waite, Bainbridge, 1:06.42

Fifth: Douglas Ortyn, Bainbridge, 1:09.39

Sixth: Michael Moran, O’Dea, 1:16.10


Boys 100-Yard Breaststroke

First: Keenan Grant, Bainbridge, 1:08.25

Second: David Lloyd, O’Dea, 1:08.49

Third: Bill Lee, Bainbridge, 1:08.95

Fourth: Logan McDaniel, Bainbridge, 1:13.62

Fifth: Francisco Gonzalez, O’Dea, 1:15.52

Sixth: Patrick Barba, O’Dea, 1:25.69


Boys 400-Yard Freestyle Relay

First: Bainbridge A, 3:28.94 (Adam Comeau, Sam Alpaugh, Andrew Callahan and Marcus Tonsmann)

Second: O’Dea A, 3:29.65 (Grant Neil, Grant Gamroth, Dylan  Jergens and Sam Nelson)

Third: Bainbridge B, 3:42.54 (Spencer Alpaugh, Nick Williams, CJ Waite and Bill Lee)

Fourth: O’Dea B, 3:48.60 (Bryce Mooney, Jeff Jones, JC Heckman and David Lloyd)

Fifth: Bainbridge C, 3:52.31 (Logan McDaniel, Arthur Bacon, Jack Riley and James Bullock)

Sixth: O’Dea C, 4:31.06 (Andy Johnson, Broderick Fitch, Michael Moran and Theo Falip)


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