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Bainbridge falls to strong MI team in boys swimming and diving

Bainbridge Island Review Editor
January 11, 2013 · Updated 11:37 AM

Logan McDaniel swims in the 200-yard freestyle race for the Spartans against Mercer Island. / Megan Managan / Mercer Island Reporter

Mercer Island lived up to its reputation as a swimming powerhouse as the Islanders roared past Bainbridge Island 126-57 in boys swimming and diving Tuesday at Mary Wayte Pool.

Mercer Island took first in nearly every event.

Bright spots for Bainbridge included Kevin Yalung’s first-place win in the 50-yard freestyle, Logan McDaniel’s win in the 100-yard backstroke, and the performances of CJ Waite, Keenan Grant and Marcus Tonsmann in the 100-yard breaststroke.

Yalung won the 50-yard freestyle in 23.20, edging Mercer Island’s Samuel Peterson, who finished in 23.96.

McDaniel won the 100-yard backstroke in a competitive race, and took first with a time of 59.39. The Islanders’ David Conger was second in 59.63.

Waite, Grant and Tonsmann claimed the second, third and fourth  spots, respectively, in the 100-yard breaststroke.

Waite came in at 1:06.69, while Grant finished in 1:09.23. Tonsmann was right behind in 1:09.44.

The Spartans return to Bainbridge Friday for a meet against Holy Names. Competition begins at 3:30 p.m.


Bainbridge vs. Mercer Island Results

Boys 200-Yard Medley Relay

First: Mercer Island A Relay, 1:43.40 (Samuel Chong, Noah Deiparine, Duncan Koontz and Brandt Waesche)

Second: Bainbridge A Relay, 1:48.27 (Sam Alpaugh, CJ Waite, Bill Lee and Kevin Yalung)

Third: Mercer Island B Relay, 1:49.11 (Tanner Martinez, Andrew Fukuda, Austin Ralph and David Conger)

Fourth: Bainbridge B Relay, 1:52.60 (Marcus Tonsmann, Keenan Grant, Logan McDaniel and Andrew Callahan)

Fifth: Mercer Island C Relay, 1:54.15 (Harrison Leeds, Devlin Conway, Peter Litzow and Matthew Hanson)

Sixth: Bainbridge C Relay, 2:00.78 (James Bullock, Arthur Bacon, Douglas Ortyn and Max Schardein)


Boys 200-Yard Freestyle

First: Noah Deiparine, Mercer Island, 1:51.28

Second: Andrew Weiss, Mercer Island, 1:53.49

Third: Logan McDaniel, Bainbridge, 1:57.17

Fourth: Samuel Chong, Mercer Island, 1:59.60

Fifth: Sam Alpaugh, Bainbridge, 2:02.40

Sixth: Douglas Ortyn, Bainbridge, 2:06.92


Boys 200-Yard IM

First: Tanner Martinez, Mercer Island, 2:09.51

Second: Ian Caldwell, Mercer Island, 2:09.76

Third: Bill Lee, Bainbridge, 2:10.78

Fourth: Austin Ralph, Mercer Island, 2:16.40

Fifth: Adam Comeau, Bainbridge, 2:18.64

Sixth: Arthur Bacon, Bainbridge, 2:27.36


Boys 50-Yard Freestyle

First: Kevin Yalung, Bainbridge 23.20

Second: Samuel Peterson, Mercer Island 23.96

Third: Peter Litzow,Mercer Island 24.73

Fourth: Harrison Leeds,Mercer Island 24.82

Fifth: Andrew Callahan, Bainbridge 24.93

Sixth: Nick Williams, Bainbridge 25.12


Boys 1-Meter Diving

First: Cody Hall, Mercer Island, 199.85

Second: Coleman Mitchell, Bainbridge, 182.30

Third: Connor Nielson, Mercer Island, 177.95


Boys 100-Yard Butterfly

First: Noah Deiparine, Mercer Island, 57.93

Second: Samuel Chong, Mercer Island, 58.05

Third: Tanner Martinez, Mercer Island, 59.02

Fourth: Adam Comeau, Bainbridge, 1:00.69

Fifth: Jack Riley, Bainbridge, 1:13.33


Boys 100-Yard Freestyle

First: Andrew Weiss, Mercer Island, 48.55

Second: Duncan Koontz, Mercer Island, 51.24

Third: Brandt Waesche, Mercer Island, 51.47

Fourth: Keenan Grant, Bainbridge 55.78

Fifth: Nick Williams, Bainbridge, 55.91

Sixth: CJ Waite, Bainbridge, 56.75


Boys 500-Yard Freestyle

First: Ian Caldwell, Mercer Island, 5:19.13

Second: Sam Alpaugh, Bainbridge, 5:22.54

Third: Samuel Peterson, Mercer Island, 5:27.39

Fourth: Jack Larkin, Mercer Island, 5:52.63

Fifth: Eric Nibarger, Bainbridge, 6:17.03


Boys 200-Yard Freestyle Relay

First: Mercer Island A, 1:35.07 (Karl MacLane, Samuel Peterson, Ian Caldwell and Andrew Weiss)

Second: Mercer Island B, 1:37.29 (Matthew Hanson, Austin Ralph, David Conger and Harrison Leeds)

Third: Bainbridge A, 1:38.54 (Andrew Callahan, CJ Waite, Adam Comeau and Kevin Yalung)

Fourth: Mercer Island C, (Peter Litzow, Daryl Kwan, Releigh Greutert and Devlin Conway)

Fifth: Bainbridge B, 1:41.33 (Marcus Tonsmann, Nick Williams, Douglas Ortyn and Keenan Grant)

Sixth: Bainbridge C, 1:52.40 (Ricky Ackerley, Arthur Bacon, James Bullock and Noah Clark)


Boys 100-Yard Backstroke

First: Logan McDaniel, Bainbridge, 59.39

Second: David Conger, Mercer Island, 59.63

Third: Bill Lee, Bainbridge, 1:03.44

Fourth: Harrison Leeds, Mercer Island, 1:04.71

Fifth: James Bullock, Bainbridge, 1:06.36

Sixth: Daryl Kwan, Mercer Island, 1:07.20


Boys 100-Yard Breaststroke

First: Duncan Koontz, Mercer Island, 1:06.46

Second: CJ Waite, Bainbridge, 1:06.69

Third: Keenan Grant, Bainbridge, 1:09.28

Fourth: Marcus Tonsmann, Bainbridge, 1:09.44

Fifth: Austin Ralph, Mercer Island, 1:12.29

Sixth: Jack Larkin, Mercer Island, 1:14.85


Boys 400-Yard Freestyle Relay

First: Mercer Island A, 3:27.91 (Andrew Weiss, Ian Caldwell, Noah Deiparine and Brandt Waesche)

Second: Mercer Island B, 3:31.01 (Andrew Fukuda, Samuel Peterson, Samuel Chong and Karl MacLane)

Third: Bainbridge A, 3:39.56 (Marcus Tonsmann, Sam Alpaugh, Adam Comeau and Kevin Yalung)

Fourth: Bainbridge B, 3:41.97 (Bill Lee, Andrew Callahan, Nick Williams and Logan McDaniel)

Fifth: Mercer Island C, 3:43.66 (Daryl Kwan, Xander Lacrampe, Ford Witman and Nick Swaya)

Sixth: Bainbridge C, 4:03.86 (Douglas Ortyn, Arthur Bacon, Noah Clark and James Bullock)



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