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Spartans spank Franklin in boys swimming

Bainbridge Island Review Editor
December 11, 2012 · 2:32 PM

Sam Alpaugh competes in the 200-yard IM during the boys swimming and diving meet against Franklin at the Bainbridge Island Aquatics Center. Alpaugh claimed third place in the race. / Brian Kelly / Bainbridge Island Review

It was a Bainbridge-based blowout.

The Spartans hosted Franklin at the Bainbridge Island Aquatics Center and won every event on the way to a 134-33 victory in boys swimming and diving late last week.

Bainbridge also swept the first-, second- and third-place spots in eight events; the 200-yard medley, 200-yard freestyle, 200-yard individual medley, 50-yard freestyle, 100-yard freestyle, 500-yard freestyle, 200-yard freestyle medley, 100-yard backstroke and 400-yard freestyle medley.

Logan McDaniel finished first in two events for the Spartans.

He led from the start in the 500-yard freestyle with a first-leg time of 28.46, and finished in a district-qualifying time of 5:10.92. (The state 3A qualifying time is 5:00.50, and McDaniel was nearly 30 seconds speedier than the district mark.)

McDaniel also won the 100-yard backstroke, finishing in 59.99, also a time good enough for districts.

The Spartans claimed first, second and third in both of McDaniel's best events.

In the 500-yard freestyle, James Bullock took second place for Bainbridge in 5:44.37. Teammate Jack Riley was third in 6:00.30.

In the 100-yard backstroke, Sam Alpaugh was second in 1:01.66, and fellow Spartan Keenan Grant was third in 1:03.78. Both finished faster than the district-qualifying time of 1:07.50.

Bill Lee, Nick Williams and Arthur Bacon won one, two, three in the 200-yard freestyle.

Lee and Williams came under the qualifying time for districts (2:06.90). Lee was first in 1:59.37, and Williams claimed second in 2:00.05. Bacon won third place in 2:13.18.

The Alpaugh brothers won first and third in the 200-yard IM, with teammate Marcus Tonsmann placing second.

Spencer Alpaugh was first in 2:04.99, Tonsmann was next in 2:14.89, and Sam Alpaugh finished in 2:18.74.

All three had times better than the district qualifying time of 2:24.50, with Spencer Alpaugh just a fraction behind the 3A state-qualifying time of 2:04.50.

Tonsmann also won the 100-yard butterfly in 59.51. (The qualifying time for districts is 1:06.00, while the state 3A mark is 55.40.)

Adam Comeau won second place for Bainbridge in the event, and finished in 1:01.37.

Comeau also took first place in the 50-yard freestyle for Bainbridge, in 25.13.

Nick Williams was second in 25.51, and Douglas Ortyn was third for the Spartans in 26.66.


Bainbridge vs. Franklin

Boys 200-Yard Medley Relay

First: Bainbridge High A Relay Team, 1:49.11 (Marcus Tonsmann, CJ Waite, Spencer Alpaugh and Kevin Yalung)

Second: Bainbridge B Relay, 1:50.76 (Sam Alpaugh, Keenan Grant, Adam Comeau,  Nick Williams)

Third: Franklin A Relay, 2:04.72 (Joe Gabat, Andrew Drape, Jordan Tu and Richard Vuu)

Fourth: Bainbridge C Relay, 2:05.17 (James Bullock, Logan McDaniel, Jack Riley and Bill Lee)

Fifth: Franklin B Relay, 2:19.47 (Henry Kern, Winter Tumbaga, Allen Tran and Aaron Tran)


Boys 200-Yard Freestyle

First: Bill Lee, Bainbridge, 1:59.37

Second: Nick Williams, Bainbridge, 2:00.05

Third: Arthur Bacon, Bainbridge, 2:13.18

Fourth: Huy Phi, Franklin, 2:19.15


Boys 200-Yard IM

First: Spencer Alpaugh, Bainbridge, 2:04.99

Second: Marcus Tonsmann, Bainbridge, 2:14.89

Third: Sam Alpaugh, Bainbridge, 2:18.74

Fourth: Joe Gabat, Franklin, 2:31.38

Fifth: Winter Tumbaga, Franklin, 2:42.87


Boys 50-Yard Freestyle

First: Adam Comeau, Bainbridge, 25.13

Second: Nick Williams, Bainbridge, 25.51

Third: Douglas Ortyn, Bainbridge, 26.66

Fourth: Andrew Drape, Franklin, 26.83

Fifth: Richard Vuu, Franklin, 30.12

Sixth: Aaron Tran, Franklin, 33.4


Boys 1-Meter Diving

Coleman Mitchell, Bainbridge, 148.10 points


Boys 100-Yard Butterfly

First: Marcus Tonsmann, Bainbridge, 59.51

Second: Adam Comeau, Bainbridge, 1:01.37

Third: Jordan Tu, Franklin, 1:16.28

Fourth: Allen Tran, Franklin, 1:21.98


Boys 100-Yard Freestyle

First: Kevin Yalung, Bainbridge, 54.77

Second: CJ Waite, Bainbridge, 55.46

Third: Keenan Grant, Bainbridge, 56.18

Fourth: Aaron Tran, Franklin, 1:14.22

Fifth: Henry Kern, Franklin, 1:24.56


Boys 500-Yard Freestyle

First: Logan McDaniel, Bainbridge, 5:10.92

Second: James Bullock, Bainbridge, 5:44.37

Third: Jack Riley, Bainbridge, 6:00.30

Fourth: Huy Phi, Franklin, 6:22.71


Boys 200-Yard Freestyle Relay

First: Bainbridge A Relay, 1:41.11 (Kevin Yalung, Nick Williams, CJ Waite and Douglas Ortyn)

Second: Bainbridge B Relay, 1:45.23 (Bill Lee, Noah Clark, Arthur Bacon and  Keenan Grant)

Third: Bainbridge C Relay, 1:54.01 (Ricky Ackerley, Andrew Callahan, Jacob Nowjack and Max Schardein)

Fourth: Franklin A Relay, 1:54.31 (Jordan Tu, Winter Tumbaga, Allen Tran and Andrew Drape)

Fifth: Franklin B Relay, 2:07.70 (Aaron Tran, Henry Kern, Matthew Drape and Henry Lowe)


Boys 100-Yard Backstroke

First: Logan McDaniel, Bainbridge, 59.99

Second: Sam Alpaugh, Bainbridge, 1:01.66

Third: Keenan Grant, Bainbridge, 1:03.78

Fourth: Richard Vuu, Franklin, 1:07.79

Fifth: Joe Gabat, Franklin, 1:21.42


Boys 100-Yard Breaststroke

First: CJ Waite, Bainbridge, 1:07.10

Second: Spencer Alpaugh, Bainbridge, 1:07.46

Third: Andrew Drape, Franklin, 1:15.48

Fourth: Winter Tumbaga, Franklin, 1:15.87

Fifth: Matthew Drape, Franklin, 1:33.01


Boys 400-Yard Freestyle Relay

First: Bainbridge A Relay, 3:39.92 (Marcus Tonsmann, Sam Alpaugh, Adam Comeau and Spencer Alpaugh)

Second: Bainbridge B Relay, 3:52.71 (Kevin Yalung, James Bullock, Douglas Ortyn and Bill Lee)

Third: Bainbridge C Relay, 4:18.00 (Jacob Nowjack, Arthur Bacon, Max Schardein and Rory Gallivan)

Fourth: Franklin A Relay, 4:18.59 (Huy Phi, Jordan Tu, Richard Vuu and Joe Gabat)


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