Valuing Life More than Borders | Robert C. Koehler

“We are people who believe in the worth of every human being,” Elizabeth Warren said the other day, and I wondered for a moment what… Continue reading

Today’s cartoon for Monday, July 2

Today’s cartoon is by Adam Zyglis, The Buffalo News.… Continue reading

  • Jul 2, 2018

Let’s Stand for the Land and Protect our Island | Jenny Lange

As a mom of two active boys, I make endless trips around Bainbridge Island. Although it’s easy for me to get on autopilot, I try… Continue reading

  • Jul 1, 2018

Today’s cartoon for Sunday, July 1

Today’s cartoon is by John Cole, The Scranton Times-Tribune.… Continue reading

  • Jul 1, 2018

School’s Out, Now What? | Teenage Pressure Cooker

Summer is officially here. For many teens, the end of the school year means excitement and freedom from structured, hectic days of note-taking, studying and… Continue reading

  • Jun 30, 2018

Today’s cartoon for Saturday, June 30

Today’s cartoon is by Steve Sack, The Minneapolis Star-Tribune.… Continue reading

  • Jun 30, 2018

Washington’s mental health system is overwhelmed | The Petri Dish

OLYMPIA — The state is paying millions of dollars a year in sanctions because it’s unable to evaluate the mental health competency of jailed defendants… Continue reading

Of Time and Immigration | Andrew Moss

There is a certain tyranny to the 24-hour news cycle, a certain grip on human awareness and attention. We have been rightly consumed by the… Continue reading

A Special Time: Backyard Fireworks With Hardly Any Supervision | Tyrades!

I’m looking forward to another professionally orchestrated fireworks display at our municipal recreation center this Independence Day, but nothing can quite match my childhood memories… Continue reading

Today’s cartoon for Friday, June 29

Today’s cartoon is by RJ Matson, CQ Roll Call.… Continue reading

  • Jun 29, 2018

Tariffs toughest on small newspapers | In Our Opinion

“I never argue with a man who buys ink by the barrel.” — Roger Branigin, 1962 One wonders if Branigin, an attorney who three years… Continue reading

Crying Children and Due Process of Law | Kary Love

Being a lawyer, I have long been interested in and have studied the question, where did law come from? It turns out to have been… Continue reading

The Trump Administration: Absurdity, Normalized | Raging Moderate

People keep wondering how the hell we got here. How did America become a country that forcibly separates kids from their parents? The answer is… Continue reading

Today’s cartoon for Thursday, June 28

Today’s cartoon is by Nate Beeler, The Columbus Dispatch.… Continue reading

  • Jun 28, 2018

Stand up for your fellow citizens | Letter to the editor

To the editor: Thanks for printing the shocking update on the sad state of the millions in poverty, victims of an outright war in our… Continue reading

  • Jun 27, 2018

Let Sarah Sanders Eat in Peace | John L. Micek

You’d think a pan-seared pork chop wouldn’t come freighted with political baggage. But politics, and that pork chop ($28, with Wades Mill Goat cheese grits,… Continue reading

Reaching and listening across the divide | Richie Davis

When 18 Leverett, Massachussetts residents launched their grassroots effort just after the 2016 Election, they were struggling to understand how the political opposites of their… Continue reading

The Photo with Borderline Truth | Peter Funt

The little girl at the border with tears in her eyes. We saw her on front pages, on TV newscasts and on the cover of… Continue reading

Today’s cartoon for Wednesday, June 27

Today’s cartoon is by RJ Matson, CQ Roll Call.… Continue reading

  • Jun 27, 2018

Trump’s 74th week in office | In cartoons

We need just three words to describe what’s become of our country during Donald J. Trump’s 74th week in the White House: Children in cages.… Continue reading