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New development prompts safety concerns | LETTER TO THE EDITOR

June 23, 2013 · Updated 10:24 AM

To the editor:

Regarding the proposed Visconsi commercial development across from Ace Hardware, I’m curious if other islanders, besides myself, are concerned about the impact this proposed development will have on the Highway 305/High School Road intersection?

Have you thought about what’s coming every time you drive through what is already a very busy intersection? Do you believe the assurances of the developer, and their hired traffic study, that the impact will be minimal and that no road improvements will be necessary as a result (it won’t cost us anything to help them make a pile of money)?

Also curious if anyone else has considered the safety issues, and inconvenience, of traffic traveling to and from ProBuild lumber yard, through the entire length of the new commercial complex? Through a relatively narrow street with slant parking on both sides. Crosswalks, and pedestrians walking back and forth to shops and restaurants?

For those of you not familiar with traffic in and out of ProBuild, it includes tractor-trailer semi-trucks delivering large loads from suppliers to ProBuild. And it includes frequent daily trips by large flat-bed lumber deliver truck, plus frequent in and outs by contractors in their trucks, and more.

All of this would travel the full length, through the very center, of the Visconsi commercial development. Sound like a possible safety issue to you?

And yet only one sentence in their “traffic study” acknowledging that ProBuild will actually share the same main entrance with Visconsi commercial complex. And no mention, at all, of any possible safety issues.

Does anyone else detect that scratchy feeling on their eyelids, and something that smells like sheep? It’s Visconsi, and their paid team, telling us how wonderful this new commercial development is going to be.


Bainbridge Island

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