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Firearms are a great equalizer | LETTER TO THE EDITOR

January 23, 2013 · 8:54 AM

To the editor:

For most liberals I know it is a point of pride for them to show how much they desire all people to be treated equally. And yet many of them are against widespread gun ownership. To me this mindset is in opposition to itself, as it is not consistent. Liberals, especially feminists, should be as pro-Second Amendment as conservatives, even if it is for different reasons.

And why should liberals be pro-Second Amendment? Simply put: equality.

Guns are the greatest equalizer that a person can have. Nothing else allows a 110-pound woman to effectively defend herself against a 250-pound would-be rapist. A gun allows those who are weak to defend themselves against those who are strong. It levels the playing field.

Guns do not take physical strength or skill to use, and yet they are the most effective self-defense tool there is for immediately eliminating a threat to yourself or your loved ones. This cannot be said about most self-defense weapons.

Despite the best efforts of law enforcement officers everywhere, they are rarely able to stop a crime before it happens. The best they can do is to try and catch the criminal who committed the crime. As such, it is up to the citizen to be ready and able to protect themselves if needed. Guns allow any citizen, regardless of social, racial, or economic background or gender, to do this.

So, given this powerful ability that firearms provide to law-abiding citizens of all stripes, why do liberally minded people wish to restrict access to them? Gun laws only work if they are followed. Criminals, by nature and definition, are law-breakers. Increasing restrictions of the sale of firearms will only affect normal citizens. It will not affect criminals. By taking away firearms from citizens, they have no way to properly defend themselves from armed criminals.

If a criminal is breaking into your home with the intent to do you harm, what will protect you best? A firearm that you can access immediately, or the police, who are 15 minutes away?

If access to firearms is restricted, citizens are no longer equal; they are placed in a position of submission to those who are willing to harm them.

Firearms allow all people to be on an equal level with one another. Increased firearm restrictions do not.


Bainbridge Island

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