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Both sides in dispute bear some responsibility | LETTER TO THE EDITOR

November 24, 2012 · Updated 7:55 AM

To the editor:

Two totally disparate articles caught my eye in the Nov. 9 Review, both, however, showing why we can be disappointed with our neighbors on occasion.

The first was James Olsen’s way of accepting the fact the democratic process (small “d” of course) had rejected his energetic candidacy and suggesting those who failed to see things his way were part of, or supported a less-than-honest government, implying some question of honesty about the winner as well.

The second was perhaps a little more disturbing because the event did and does impact community safety. I had hoped that at the end of Richard D. Oxley’s report of the unfortunate debate between a postal employee and a wife and her husband  might have included some more responsibility for all participants, not merely the postal employee.

As for the postal service worker who delivers the mail in fair weather and foul all year, it might have been better if he had taken a deep breath and done the alleged cursing under his breath and moved on.

For those of us, however, who constantly witness drivers with cell phones seeming glued to their heads but often even texting, endangering others at the same time, there is some understanding of his impatience. But there should also have been some penalties for the two others who violated common sense and the law: the wife who admittedly was driving while cell phoning and the husband who failed to contact the correct authorities instead of blocking the post office vehicle.

The postal person had to render reports, but there was no indication the husband-wife team had to own up to their own responsibilities.

Since both articles were quite thorough, I simply wondered if I had overlooked something.


Bainbridge Island

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