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Term limit needed for a distracted president | LETTER TO THE EDITOR

November 17, 2012 · 10:40 AM

To the editor:

It is evident from the recent election, that it is a disservice for the country to have an incumbent president run for re-election while in control of so much of the government’s functions.

As demonstrated in the Libya event and the Iran shooting at a drone, we cannot believe what the government has (or has not) told us.

Similarly, Nixon’s lieutenants had a heightened sense of immunity for the Watergate break-in.

I shudder to think what the reputed intimidator/blackmailer LBJ could have brought to his re-election campaign if it had occurred.

Further, as we saw in 2012, our president has been simply distracted from devotion to his official duties by his attention to a campaign, which probably contributed to the absolute dereliction of security measures for the Libya consulate. And lower administrators are similarly intimidated from taking otherwise prudent action for fear of affecting the campaign. Also, Obama often didn’t devote time to attending his National Security briefings.

The 2012 experience demonstrates that the nation cannot afford an “empty chair” in the White House as the result of a president’s attention diverted to campaigning.

The solution is to limit a president’s service to a single term of, say, six years.


Bainbridge Island

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