Rob Zawoysky

Jan. 1, 1945 – Oct. 14, 2018

Our beloved husband, father, brother, grandfather, and friend passed from his earthly body on 9 AM Sunday morning. We grieve his passing, but celebrate his ascension to Heaven to reside with Christ for eternity. Even with his departure from his human body, his presence continues in our lives. Our eyes recall his quick smile and shiny head. Our ears remind us of the beautiful music with which he blessed us in so many churches and homes. Our feet remember the thoughtful hikes through the woods of Washington infused with rich conversation and fellowship. Our hands feel the memory of his beautiful writing and the earth he cultivated in his garden. Our mouths repeat his love for long slowly savored meals with family and friends and his beautiful singing voice. Our minds recall creative collaborations and open consideration of different perspectives. And our hearts feel his continuing joy and love for Christ, his family, friends, and strangers alike. He is present each day in our lives—in our thoughts, feelings, and actions. Thank you Rob, for your presence in our lives. We are all better beings because of it.

A memorial service was held Sunday, October 21st at 2 PM in the Bainbridge Island High School Commons. An online memorial can be seen at

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