Olga Macferran

Dec. 31, 2018

Born in 1924, Olga was raised in Chicago during the depression. Her parents were Vaudeville performers, Olga was trained as a singer. Before getting married, her day job was bookkeeping and her night job was a professional singer in the Chicago Loop.

After marriage she migrated west. She raised two sons and one daughter in Colorado and Montana, followed her daughter to Spokane, and again followed her daughter to Bainbridge Island.

Olga loved Winslow. For years she was active in the Senior Center and the Eagle Harbor Congregational Church choir. She had a daily pilgrimage to T&C where she adopted all the staff as her family. Her final few years she made her home at the Madison Avenue House where she delighted in the compassion and care of the staff.

Olga spoke of the beauty of the island and of the kindness of the people. So many island residents took time to speak with her. These conversations enriched her life, as she told her children daily. What she liked most about the island was being close to family.

Olga faced breast cancer at ages 48, 68 and 88.

Olga died at the age of 94. She is survived by her son David Macferran, daughter Kathleen Macferran, former son-in-law John Davis, granddaughters Kayla and Jordan Davis, and many wonderful friends.

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