David Charles Schmidt

April 28, 1948 – May 6, 2019

David Charles Schmidt, 71, of Suquamish WA, died of cancer, May 6, 2019. Born April 28,1948 on Bainbridge Island, to Ray and Rosemarie Schmidt, he led a skillful life. As a youth he had the benefit of all that Bainbridge offered a child of the 50’s, beach, woods, bicycles, and freedom to enjoy. The 60’s, it was scooters to hot cars, and numerous odd jobs to pay for them all. Age 18, then an adult, enlisted in the Army for 4 years, stationed in Thailand. He returned home to find his life’s profession on the inland waters of Puget Sound and Alaska, crewing and eventually Skipper of working tug boats, hauling log rafts, container barges, and tales of adventure. A talented and passionate wood carver, he left many works of art and utility for his family to treasure. David is survived by his wife Jan Schmidt, sisters Janie Comito, Barbara Schmidt, and their extended family members. On May 6, our beloved David cast off and set sail one last time. Surrounded by his heart broken family he showed us how to live and die with bravery, grace and dignity, love and kindness, with words of encouragement and wisdom, he will be missed beyond words.

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