Bainbridge parking survey wraps up Saturday

There’s still time to weigh in on downtown Winslow’s parking problems.

But not much. A survey that has been assessing public opinion on parking conditions in downtown will wrap up at the end of the day on Saturday, Sept. 30.

The city of Bainbridge Island is studying parking in the downtown core; and the analysis will examine both on-street and off-street parking.

As part of the study, city officials are asking residents, people who work downtown, business owners and visitors to take a short survey about their parking experiences in Winslow. The survey can be found online at

City officials say downtown Bainbridge has its own set of unique parking conditions, complicated by its closeness to Seattle, the influx of seasonal tourists, and the nearby ferry terminal.

The city’s downtown parking study is expected to help Bainbridge officials better understanding of how efficiently the parking system is being used and what solutions can be implemented to improve parking.

The study will also look at how the parking system interacts with street circulation and other modes of travel, including by bus, ferry, bicycle or foot.

More information on the project can be found on the city website at