Bainbridge man guilty of first-degree murder in killing of former boss

A Bainbridge Island man has been found guilty of the first-degree murder of his former boss.

Brian Andrew Glaser, 31, was convicted of killing Donald “Donnie” Duckworth, 66, on a property where he had been hired to help drill a well.

Brian A. Glaser was arrested last August at his Eagle Harbor-area home after police said he allegedly told police that his former boss was killed because he had poisoned Glaser’s dog a few months earlier.

Glaser was soon named as a possible “person of interest” in the crime, as he had once worked for Duckworth until he said he was hurt on the job several months before Duckworth’s murder. Police were told a disagreement over whether Glaser was really hurt on the job made Glaser seem “ready to snap,” one person familiar with the dispute told police.

Glaser was arrested after a nearly five-hour interview with detectives in which he allegedly asked to “plead the fifth” after he was asked about the last time he saw Duckworth and his own whereabouts on the day Duckworth was murdered.

Glaser also told police Duckworth had been shot multiple times while he was on the ground “so he wouldn’t suffer,” according to court documents.

Glaser eventually agreed to show police the gun used in the attack, according to court documents, and officers obtained a search warrant to get the firearm from a backpack in the living room of Glaser’s home.

Police found the loaded gun where Glaser had said it was, and he also pointed investigators to a spot in the wooded area in front of his home where he had wrapped up and buried the shell casings from the murder scene.

Officers found 16 shell casings, which police said were consistent with the spent rounds recovered from where Duckworth had been murdered.

Authorities also said a description of a truck seen where Duckworth was killed matched the appearance of a truck found in Glaser’s driveway.

Detectives also said they discovered Glaser’s fingerprints on one of the trucks at the property at the High School Road property where Duckworth had been drilling the well.

Glaser was found guilty of first-degree murder May 29 after a jury trial in Kitsap County Superior Court.

His sentencing has been set for June 10.

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