Photo courtesy of Bainbridge Island School District. Top: Kyle Meidell, Kathleen Hess, Michele Muffoletto, Meloni Courtway and Michael Shine. Middle: Elaine Hanson and Leah Ramos. Bottom: Nathaniel Goldberg, Juan Jose Pedro and Carissa Tormanen.

Bainbridge Island School District welcomes new teachers

It appears that special time of year is approaching once more: the start of school.

It’s not just some students that will be embracing the environment inside a brand new school, 10 teachers new to the district will also be shaking off the new school jitters this year. They are:

• Kyle Meidell will be teaching social studies at Bainbridge High;

• Kathleen Hess will be teaching Spanish at BHS;

• Michele Muffoletto will be teaching Spanish immersion at Ordway Elementary;

• Meloni Courtway will be teaching family and consumer science at Woodward Middle School;

• Michael Shine will be the new band teacher at Sonoji Sakai Intermediate School;

• Elaine Hanson will be teaching music at Captain Johnston Blakely Elementary;

• Leah Ramos will be teaching music at Ordway Elementary;

• Nathaniel Goldberg will be teaching English at Eagle Harbor High School and Bainbridge High School;

• Juan Jose Pedro will be teaching Spanish Immersion at Ordway (Pedro was new last year, but missed the orientation); and

• Carissa Tormanen will be teaching special education at Blakely.