Volunteers deserve thanks for trail work | Letter to the editor

To the editor:

A huge round of applause for the many folks who contributed time, energy and expertise to re-greening a long strip of land adjacent to the southern part of the new Sound to Olympic Trail. An old 200-foot-long footpath was tilled, invasive plants removed, 24 boulders put in place, new topsoil put in, 96 native plants installed, and 22 yards of bark chips spread — all in just over two days’ time!

The revegetation project began with our receiving a city matching grant for neighborhood improvement and beautification: cash from the city matched by donated labor. City of Bainbridge Island dollars paid for the bargain-rate native plants from the land trust, and deeply discounted soil and bark from Tilz. Donations of boulders, equipment to move them, and professional design and direction came from companies: Olympic Property Group, Nordland Construction, Seaton Construction, and Aurora Florialis Landscape Design. And volunteers! More than 30 from Rotary’s Helping Hands program, Squeaky Wheels, the Cave Avenue neighborhood and a few others — like Doug Schulze — who heard about the project and came.

While it will take decades for our plants (like those small ones being installed along the new paved trail) to again provide the natural screening for view, noise, and pollution that existed before the STO, we wanted to take positive steps toward adding greenery for everyone to enjoy. Clearly, many other Islanders felt the same and pitched in to help. A thousand thanks to all!


Bainbridge Island

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