Toward a more inclusive approach | Letter to the editor

To the editor:

Thank you Bainbridge!

Kitsap Auditor poll numbers indicate we will win the Bainbridge Island Central Ward City Council seat!

It will be my honor to represent you; I am excited for this opportunity to help change how our city and community work together.

What a journey this campaign has been! Throughout, I experienced our community voice growing stronger and more intentional, pursuing our common goal.

Thank you supporters, from the bottom of my heart, for your time and contributions; most importantly, for your unwavering faith and trust.

Thank you dear family and friends, who helped me navigate this unfamiliar campaign terrain; it would not have been possible without your personal sacrifices and commitment.

Thank you to my opponent and his supporters, for their earnest efforts and care for our community; I pledge to represent all islanders, not only those who voted for me.

Winning this election was a victory for a new, more inclusive approach to city council decision-making and greater fiscal accountability.

With significant changes in these important areas, together we can meet the challenges of housing affordability, environmental protections, improving our island transportation network, and more.

I ask you to continue sending me your ideas for improving our city government.

We can only make change together. This is how we ran our campaign, and it is how we will work together to build a more responsive and accountable city government.

In the weeks ahead, have a wonderful, joyful, safe, and bountiful holiday season.


Bainbridge Island

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