Tirman will serve city with distinction | Letter to the editor

To the editor:

I support Mr. Matt Tirman for Bainbridge Island City Council and urge my friends, neighbors and colleagues to do the same.

I support Mr. Tirman because he possesses the knowledge, initiative, compassion and work ethic I want to see in someone who aspires to serve their community.

Mr. Tirman has an excellent sense of what his priorities should be. His focus on local and regional infrastructure, human services and public safety demonstrates good judgement and pragmatism. Further, his commitment to fiscal accountability reflects an understanding of the imperative to use our resources wisely.

While Bainbridge appears mostly homogenous, the reality is more complex. I’m gratified Mr. Tirman seeks to serve the entire socio-economic spectrum of our community. His positions on affordable housing and human services reflect compassion and purpose.

I agree with Mr. Tirman’s position on the Puget Sound Energy franchise agreement. His stated approach displays an understanding of how such agreements are accomplished. That is, focus on matters that can be resolved through the process of negotiation and steer away from theatrics and ludicrous alternatives.

Also, Mr. Tirman’s opposition to the proposed pedestrian bridge over 305 is consistent with my view that our community leaders need to address critical issues first — and not pander to whimsical interests and agendas.

I invite you to get to know Matt Tirman. Please visit his website and/or meet him at one of his events. With your support, I’m confident Matt will serve our community with distinction.


Bainbridge Island

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