Tax reform is crucial and needed now | Letter to the editor

To the editor:

Please support the House Democratic budget.

Decades-old federal tax cuts have left us underfunded. We need crucial tax reforms to take more from those with higher incomes and less from those with lower. We need to make use of the money that we can generate this way to improve our schools, build robust means of transportation, improve health care for those in need, and provide for acceptable standards of living for our residents.

The House Democratic budget will collect revenue from the sale of stocks and bonds, capital gains tax. Charging capital gains tax will affect only the 50,000 wealthiest Washingtonians.

Washington state is an innovative place that attracts people from all over the world to work together and create next generation products and ideas. It is time to enrich and empower our institutions with the investment necessary to keep attracting and serving these people and their families. As we mature as a state, it is imperative to have the infrastructure to comfortably enable our burgeoning growth. The amount of money now generated by our international industries such as computer technology and aeronautical engineering needs revised tax codes to reflect that.


Bainbridge Island