Spartronics grateful for community support | Letter to the editor

To the editor:

We would like to thank all people in the Bainbridge Island community who attended our most recent Robotics Open House presented by Bainbridge High School Spartronics Team 4915, on behalf of all 55 student team members, 17 professional mentors and coach, Enrique Chee.

This is the fifth time we’ve hosted this open house, and it wouldn’t have been possible without our sponsors. We’d like to especially thank the Bainbridge Review for their terrific news coverage of this event, which helped to make our open house a successful event. We are deeply grateful for their ongoing support of our team and all they do for our community.

Our generous local sponsors and parents give us two-thirds of the funding we need to be able to build a 100-pound-plus competition robot. Their funding feeds our team with dozens of dinners, lunches and snacks. Their support enables us to travel to competitions, reduces the costs of our registration fees, and even helps pay for the shirts on our backs (our team shirts).

Once again, seeing the support the entire island continues to give our team reminds us how incredibly fortunate we are to call Bainbridge Island our home. We can’t imagine how any of this would be possible without our unique community.

Thank you!


Co-Captains, Bainbridge High School Spartronics

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