SAFE levy is a big boondoggle | Letter to the editor

To the editor:

Vote no on the Mobility Levy Proposition 1.

This boondoggle is sponsored and promoted by the same folks who built the McDonald’s Mile aka Sound to Olympic trail (STO), pushed the Bridge to Nowhere across Highway 305, and want to continue a trail along the highway instead of making it safer for our children to get to school, our families go shopping, and even a have neighborly visit.

The Mobility Levy has no requirements nor commitments for specific projects. The council will select which projects get funded.

This is how we got the Sound to Olympic Trail. This is how more than $3 million-plus in city revenues and three full-time staff to date have been squandered on the STO.

The council has shown unfortunate indifference to make it safer for walkers, runners and cyclists to use Island roads.

Supporting the levy gives a $15 million check to the council who cannot and will not say how the levy money will be used.

The Mobility Levy is the result of years of failed and unconsummated visioning, goal setting and public process to develop safe Island roads.

The non-binding language in the levy offer nearly half the $15 million for projects not on developed city roads or properties. This is the domain of and should be funded by BI parks and BI schools and should not be come from city of Bainbridge Island property taxes.

There is a solution.

First vote NO. Then ask the council to do what they should have done in the first place; develop a list of projects through an open public process and fund the work with councilmanic bonds.

This is how the council is choosing to fund a new police station of $30 million; with councilmanic bonds.

It is ironic that the council is charged with public safety but is asking Islanders to vote for a boondoggle. Let’s not fall for a false promise, higher taxes, and offer the council a blank check.

Tell the council to get it right. Make Island roads safer. Vote no.

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