Roth, Jones and Deets are my choices | Letter to the editor

To the editor:

As someone who’s been observing city council for years, volunteered for the City Human Services Funding Advisory Committee, and a feminist I am voting enthusiastically for Wayne Roth, Ted Jones and Joe Deets.

I have looked carefully at all the Council candidates’ ideas, public service experience, skill set and demonstrated commitment to our community’s environment — both natural and human. These three candidates have earned my vote and my respect.

When we elect city council members I do believe we need people with ideas. Having attended multiple Council meetings, city council/staff annual retreats, and public workshops on projects I know we also need people with experience collaborating with a variety of people, working in a team to manage a multifaceted, complex and service driven organization. The decisions/actions of this organization affect 23,000-plus residents of this Island and those who work and play here.

The job of the council member is to make decisions based on not just the loudest voices, nor their personal feelings, but on taking into consideration the needs of all their constituents, state law and city code, and the larger environment (both present and future) in which the city exists.

These three are clearly prepared for these roles, through their professional and volunteer work. They have demonstrated in their campaigns that they listen, reason and maintain a positive approach to their work with integrity and honesty.

Please join me in voting these three candidates so they can go to work for us.


Bainbridge Island

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