Robinson has parks experience and knowledge | Letter to the editor

To the editor:

The BI Metro Park & Recreation District is fortunate to have Kirk Robinson on its board.

The reasons to vote for Kirk Robinson for commissioner are as follows:

He has experience with all aspects of the park district. Because he is presently on the board of commissioners and has given of his time and service to the Bainbridge parks, he has dealt with a myriad of problems that arise on a daily basis in an organization which has so many components. He knows where and who to go to for help and information for any problem that arises in the district.

And, he is known by people in his area of expertise as someone who is knowledgeable and trustworthy and ready to get things done.

All of the residents of Bainbridge, who we have spoken with, are happy with what the Bainbridge park district has accomplished over the years. The parks are beautiful and vibrant, the aquatic center is working well even though it has age issues, the people who work for the district are diligent. The parks are clean and the folks who work to keep them that way are helpful, informative and friendly.

From our first contact with Commissioner Robinson, he helped us in our goal to help the park district build the Schel Chelb playground. With his efforts and those of others on the commission and those who work for the district, both Schel Chelb Park and Owen’s Park were built and finished and are beloved by the people of Bainbridge Island, both kids and parents, who use them. We have watched daily as families come to the parks facilities and interact with each other and the beautiful environment built by the district with the help of the parks commission and Kirk Robinson.

Before you vote, please come out and visit the parks and see what has been accomplished. See how clean they are, how well organized and how many people benefit from this great parks district.

Then vote for Kirk Robinson, who has the experience and knowledge necessary to keep the parks of tomorrow as beautiful as they are today.


Bainbridge Island

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