Robinson has a history of proven competence | Letter to the editor

To the editor:

As a 12-year resident of Bainbridge Island, I have had a longterm interest in the governance of our island purely as a citizen who cares about this island.

Since April 6, 2017, because of a particular interest of mine, I have attended every session of the park and recreation commission. The commission meets twice a month and as a member of the public I have for seven months had a front row seat for its deliberations.

Long before I knew that Kirk Robinson would seek another term to continue service on the recreation commission, I have had an opportunity to see him function as one of five unpaid members of our recreation committee. His participation has, in my opinion, been characterized by intelligent reflection on the subject under discussion, reasonable discourse with other board members and the executive director and while functioning as a team, maintaining his independence. He does not have “an axe to grind” and is not a single issue candidate in his bid for reelection.

The park and recreation commission has acquired a lot of new responsibilities in the past few years and there are presently citizen generated proposals under consideration for the Sakai property and community concerns about our aging aquatic center. Re-electing Kirk Robinson to the park commission, I believe, is in the best interest of our Bainbridge community particularly at this time not only because of the depth of his knowledge and level of his commitment, but because of how he functions overall on behalf of our recreation interests on Bainbridge Island.


Bainbridge Island

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