Nassar will be a strong voice for BI | Letter to the editor

To the editor:

We are a group of wellness practitioners who care deeply about the physical, spiritual and community health of our island. Like many, we’ve been heartsick since last November’s election and have looked for positive solutions.

Those solutions start at the local level. We enthusiastically support Rasham Nassar for city council and believe she embodies the values of compassion, human justice, and kindness that we, as mindfulness practitioners, espouse. She’s also smart, creative and has the energy to implement those values. In short, she is the exact opposite of all we are seeing at the national level.

Rasham believes that the things that most support a vibrant healthy community start with the basics that impact our daily lives. She supports transportation that involves a beautiful bike ride through the woods and knows it would have significantly more impact to our well-being than a bridge over 305. She has developed innovative ideas for affordable housing like changing codes to allow for a greater variety of options like tiny homes.

She’s passionate about good stewardship of our treasured natural resources. She’s also passionate about good stewardship of our community’s fiscal resources.

She would use good judgement for when and how to use consultants, and would not have supported the $248,000 spent on the 305 bridge study and the $100,000 for a city-run electric utility.

We believe that Rasham speaks passionately for our community, not special interests, and are grateful for her willingness to serve. While we appreciate the hard work and commitment of our current council members, Rasham provides a stronger women’s voice in our governance that is currently lacking. Our vote and voice matters. Who we elect to govern our city, state and nation matters.

SUSAN LOFTUS, Advaya Wellness

JEN BREEN, Bainbridge Yoga House

JULIE ROSENBLATT, Integrated Wellness

ANN STRICKLAND, Music and Arts Director, Grace Church


Bainbridge Island

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