Nassar cares about her neighbors | Letter to the editor

To the editor:

Over the years, I have found voting for members of city council an unpleasant civic duty.

With a mixture of despair and apathy I approached a social media forum and just asked people what they thought. I received a variety of answers, and among them was a reply from Rasham Nassar who simply invited me to communicate with her what local issues concerned me.

That got my attention because nothing is more powerful than a personal connection. When an aspiring public official wants to talk to you as if you’re the most important person to him or her at that time, you have someone worth paying attention to. I did some research into her life and her candidacy.

My impression of Rasham Nassar is that she’d much prefer to work her farm with her husband, raise her son, and just live out as happy a life as she can. The Nassar family looks like the kind least likely to care about keeping up with the Joneses.

However, if the Joneses need some assistance, the Nassars will be the first one there.

The reason she’s leaving her quiet life for the thankless world of city politics is because she realizes that if serious action isn’t taken at whatever level, the Nassars, the Joneses, the Roths and other families are going to be in jeopardy She doesn’t presume to know all the answers which is why she wants to know your questions. Maybe she’ll be disappointed and run over by the inertia.

However, when a candidate treats being on the city council as a chance to help her neighbors rather than promote a personal agenda or for personal achievement, that person deserves a chance to serve. At least you know you have someone on the council you can talk to as an equal.


Bainbridge Island

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