My picks for Bainbridge city council | Letter to the editor

To the editor:

Joe Deets makes things happen. He was founding president of Community Energy Solutions (CES), which has NO association with Island Power. As a former board member of CES, I know Joe led the effort to install solar panels on Sakai School and Bainbridge Island City Hall. These completed energy solution projects are currently providing substantial savings for our school district and city government.

Ted Jones has decades of experience in public works. Public works projects are a major percentage of the city’s budget. I’m supporting Ted because of his real life experience with public works management.

We need a council member who can understand, carefully review, and possibly suggest cost savings for public works projects.

Rasham Nassar will bring much needed community engagement, transparency and support for our community value for financial sustainability. Her opponent, Wayne Roth, voted multiple times to support spending $100,000 for the Island Power study; to put a $15 million bond on the ballot for a police facility at a known contaminated site; then authorized $80,000 more for another police/court facility design for a site not yet city-owned! These property owners have now declined to sell to the city. More money wasted by Roth.

Now Roth is considering a $30 million councilmanic bond for a combined police/court facility; avoiding another public vote.

Rasham’s abilities to engage, listen, ask questions, and make thoughtful decisions are the changes we need now more than ever.

Please, let’s do our homework and vote based on FACTS.


Bainbridge Island

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