Event was special because it was historic | Letters | Jan., 30

Mr. Olsen’s letter (“Inauguration should not have been shown,” Jan. 23) regarding the inauguration of President Obama, shows a complete ignorance of the circumstances.

He apparently thinks of the school board’s decision to allow live viewing of the inauguration as a political ploy, an attempt to brainwash children to think in some political way.

Mr. Olsen, this WAS a “historical moment”! Not because Mr. Obama was a Democract, but because he is BLACK.

If the new president had been a woman, that too would have been a “historic moment.”

And it wasn’t just Mr. Bush’s inauguration that wasn’t watched live, it was all previous inaugurations.

It is hard to believe a man as old as your are, can be so obtuse in his thinking.

Come out from under your Republican umbrella, and see the sun. The clouds of fear and deceit are dissipating; the rain of dogma and secrecy has passed, and there’s hope in the world; people are smiling.

Look at the bright side for a change, and quit trying to make everything appear to be evil.

John Wade

Vista Drive