Deets has the right priorities for Bainbridge | Letter to the editor

To the editor:

We on Bainbridge Island are very fortunate to have such a terrific candidate as Joe Deets running for our city council. During the nearly two decades he has been living here, he has embraced our values and aspirations and become an invaluable asset to our community.

Joe’s accomplishments in moving ahead on the installation of solar panels on the roofs of Sakai Intermediate School and city hall are testament to his energy and commitment to protecting our environment and saving money for our schools and the city.

He is an invaluable participant in city study sessions and committees dealing with the entire range of issues and projects affecting our community, and has just completed a term on the city Ethics Board.

Joe knows a great deal about our community and city government. His priorities are environmental protection, climate change, public trust in government, transportation and affordable housing — just what they should be in these uncertain times.

He also knows there is always more to learn and is open and responsive to questions, suggestions and innovative ideas.

Joe is totally committed to Bainbridge Island and we can be sure that he will be rigorous in exploring all aspects of all the issues and proposals that come before the council. Then, in concert with the other council members and with advice from our excellent staff employees, he will work tirelessly to achieve results that will advance the best interests of our community.

Please join us by electing Joe to the Bainbridge Island City Council.


Bainbridge Island

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