Deets has a passion for our future | Letter to the editor

To the editor:

I confidently recommend Joe Deets to represent us on the Bainbridge Island City Council, North Ward.

After spending four days with Joe hiking in the Olympic Mountains I feel we are lucky to have someone with such deep convictions, intelligence and experience running for city council. As a citizen who is very concerned about the rapid growth of Bainbridge Island it is obvious to me that Joe is one of the most qualified and capable candidates in the running.

Joe Deets has extensive experience working with city governments and has been a strong proponent for the increased usage of solar power. Joe has a master degree in environment and community as well as a master’s in business. He not only has the intelligence but also a deep passion for our island’s sustainable future.

He is committed to helping create an infrastructure that makes sense for all of us and is willing to work hard to make sure that Bainbridge Island’s finite natural systems are protected at the same time. It was this passion and his care about the environment that propelled him to co-found the nonprofit organization, Community Energy Solutions.

Joe has also impressed me with the all-important ability to truly listen to others in order to create solutions that work for everybody involved. This was demonstrated with the work he did on bringing people together to get a 72-kilowatt photovoltaic system on the Bainbridge Island City Hall roof.

I have known Joe to be a man of deep integrity and reliability. Joe knows how to work hard and has proven that he has the skill to learn from experience and solve problems that others would walk away from.

I strongly support Joe Deets for city council and I encourage those who want to see Bainbridge Island create a sustainable future to join me.


Bainbridge Island

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