Changes are needed on city council | Letter to the editor

To the editor:

If you follow the proceedings of our city council, as all good citizens should do, you will have no doubt formed an opinion as to whether they have been leading us in the right direction. If you believe as I do that some changes in direction are needed, there is an opportunity to effect them in November.

Among the candidates that I am supporting is an energetic, motivated and intelligent young woman named Rasham Nassar. With each conversation I have with Rasham, I come away more convinced that she understands what needs to be done in city government and that she can best work collaboratively with the other like-minded councilpersons to achieve those objectives.

Rasham will bring to the city council, along with some of the other new candidates, a commitment to fiscal responsibility and sustainability which guarantees that the island will remain the place that we love. She recognizes that maintaining what we have is just as important as planning for needed improvements. She demonstrates her commitment to a clean environment, affordable living and controlled development through her own lifestyle choices.

Experience can be a valuable asset to bring to the job, but only if it is coupled with the willingness to listen and to evaluate with an open mind. The city will face many challenges over the next four years. Will we keep our island the place we love or make it a gateway to somewhere else? Will we address our needed infrastructure issues or spend our money designing a Bridge to Nowhere? Will we keep our trees and green spaces or allow unlimited development? Will we focus on the important priorities or wage a war on balloons?

We need smart, energetic, devoted leaders on the city council who will make good decisions and assure that the voices of all residents are heard, not just a privileged few. The addition of Rasham Nassar to our city council will be a big step in the right direction.


Bainbridge Island

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