Bridge needed for future growth | Letter to the editor

To the editor:

I’m not sure what the point was of the rather long article in the Bainbridge Review about the lack of pedestrian and cyclist accidents along 305 between High School Road and Winslow Way in the past.

All of Kitsap County is growing and we see the result in increasing ferry traffic on our busiest highway which will only bring more cars on 305.

The well-constructed path on the west side where the bridge is intended to be constructed clearly shows that people cross at this midway point and population growth on the east side will make this an even more popular shortcut. Just one planned development on the east side will add 140 units and there are other parcels scheduled for development.

One would think that more cars and potentially more walkers and cyclists might just increase the odds of a tragic accident. But maybe the point is to discourage pedestrians and cyclists and just tell them to get back into their cars. Make it clear that their safety and ability to get to needed services in the most direct route possible just isn’t of interest to us on Bainbridge Island.


Bainbridge Island

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