Bon voyage and good luck | Letter to the editor

To the editor:

It has been said that when someone shows you who they are you should believe them. A prime example of this is the recent interview in the Kitsap Sun with Doug Schulze, out-going city manager for Bainbridge Island. According to Mr. Schulze, he has been frustrated because the new city council gives greater weight to citizen opinions than recommendations of city staff. Wow!

He also stated that city council members are “volunteers” and should not be involved in decisions meant for professionals. Wow!

Perhaps Mr. Schulze should be reminded that as a city manager he is a public servant and that local democracy works best when leaders listens to their citizens. The last council election was a clear statement that Bainbridge citizen’s did not feel that council members listened to them and they were voted out.

Mr. Schulze doesn’t seem to understand that the recent comprehensive plan process showed that many island residents prefer the preservation of the rural character of the island to unchecked growth.

Lastly, Mr. Schulze is unhappy because of the “negative” community engagement process on the island, and he wants to be part of a “positive” community process.

Well, Mr. Schulze, bon voyage. Good luck in Banning, California where hopefully for you, the citizens are not as engaged, nor care as much about their city as we do here on Bainbridge Island.


Bainbridge Island

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