Artists grateful for community support | Letter to the editor

To the editor:

Gregg and I would like to thank the community for it’s continued support of the plethora of artful holiday events around the Island.

Living on Bainbridge Island is a unique experience that can’t be replicated; the Island’s embrace of local artists and art is to be commended. During our years on the Island we have seen our peers in the arts grow as we have, with the Island’s population; everyone brings depth, skills, and diverse techniques adding significant economic sustainability to our small city.

With the addition of BARN many now have a facility where they can find and practice their passion. As BARN Glass Lead, I have seen much of the new growth during the last five years by volunteering to create the BARN’s viable and exciting glass program. Though I am stepping down as Glass Lead at the end of this year, there is satisfaction in knowing my “mission” has been accomplished, but mind you, I know I did not do it alone, it takes village, I am grateful to all who helped see me through. I will continue to teach and be in and out of the glass studio as well as other studios, learning new skills to carry on my desire to grow as an artist. The new and very capable Glass Leads and their crew with their bountiful energy paired with new and fresh ideas will carry on from here.

As a member of the Bainbridge Island Working Studios, a growing group of Island artists who make our living doing our art on Bainbridge Island, we thank you for your patronage. You can find us in our studios year round experimenting with new techniques, doing commission work, restorations, teaching, and selling our work.

We hope to continue to see you throughout 2018 and into the New Year, thank you again for your support and for what you do to keep the arts and artists thriving on Bainbridge Island.


Bainbridge Island

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