Island responds generously: $7,185

I’m sitting in the dark, trying to write this as fast as I can before my computer batteries run out.

We have many people to thank this week, as the response to our pleas for donations has reaped great reward.

I won’t have room to quote all of the many personal notes that were included, but I’ll try and share the gist of them.

Two of my favorite Agate Pass people, one of whom worked alongside my father for a spell, sent in $100 with a note saying that they wished they could send more, but the economy is hitting everyone. Isn’t that the truth? We appreciate anything that you can give.

A true gentleman, one with a well-known island name, donated a check for $100 with the notation that it was given in memory of Joan Wilt. Thank you, and I bow to you, sir.

Next came a note from a man who, as a child, was a playmate of my youngest brother. He sent in $125 with a note saying “hi” to my brother as well as remembering that my mother was very nice to him when he was young. Didn’t my older brother also coach you in baseball?

Our retired treasurer sent in $200 from her husband and herself, “in memory of your wonderful mother.” Thank you!

For those readers that didn’t know my mother, I’m sorry if this is getting monotonous, but aren’t you sorry you missed her? We received a nice note and a check from a neighbor, another one who had worked at my Dad’s clinic, and who also produced a lot of children for the Wilt kids to play with. She sent in $25, and said, in part, “Keep up with the wonderful humor, we all need it.”

I’m not feeling like I’m being as funny as usual, but I’ll try.

Oh, the power just came back on! Hurray, Puget Power!

Here is $100, with a note saying the donor and her husband offer the donation in memory of “my darling mother, Joanie Wilt.” In the same envelope was $100 from a very dear neighbor, who was giving in memory of her wonderful husband, John.

I see $500 from a couple of regular donors, well-known islanders, who included a note saying, “Thanks for carrying on this tradition. Katy and your Mom were wonderful people.” You are wonderful people, too!

A couple who share their last name with a very well traveled street in Winslow donated $50.

Then, $100 arrived from a man who has the same last name as a famous doctor, who, after playing with some moldy bread, harkened onto the wonders of penicillin.

A lovely Christmas card came from regular donors at South Beach, containing a check for $100.

The next card, a nighttime depiction of the Space Needle decorated in Christmas lights, contained $50 from another couple who donate every year.

Our next thanks go out to a couple at Arrow Point, who sent in $40 to help their neighbors.

Then $100 arrived with a long and lovely note from a woman who gives every year. When I first started working on this column with my mother, we’d get notes that she was giving in honor of Grandma Cooper. She now gives “in memory of Grandma Cooper and my parents, Judd and Alice.” Yes, we have been lucky in our parents and lucky to be friends with our mothers.

I’m seeing lots of donations from people who give every year. As much as I love the continuity, I’d love to see more new names.

One family whose name I know quite well sent in $300 from Blackberry Hill Farm.

Ah, here is a fresh memorial and one with which I heartily agree: A couple that regularly support our fund have sent in $100 in support of our troops, past and present.

Another regular donor, who has given me no card or note to work from, so I can’t think of a darn clever (or otherwise) thing to say, sent in $200.

We received $40 from a couple at Meadowmeer. I’ll bet they have a lot of snow up there.

A local political figure, one whose mother taught school here on the island back before we had a school on every corner, sent in $100.

Oh, here we go with another couple whose name pops up here every year. Sending in from Venice Loop, we have $100 to add to our total. That puts a lot of warm pajamas on chilly babies.

Remember the “All Women Investment Club?” It’s a wine and M&M group, and members contribute $100 “in the spirit of the holidays and our love for this island we call home.”

I know that anyone who has been reading our column over the years will recognize this street name. We received $250 from Raccoon Lane.

Our next check comes to us from a couple on Olympus Beach. They sent in $100 for the Katy Warner Christmas Fund.

My favorite dentist sent in $25. He kept most of the Wilt family smiling with nice healthy grins.

The next contribution came in from regulars on Azalea Lane, with a $25 check to add to our coffers.

Then $25 arrived from a regular donor on Skinner Road, whose card said, “And a Merry Christmas to you.” Right back at you, sir!

The last contribution, $100, comes from a couple very active with the island’s Historical Society.

Thank you all for sharing this year, and I hope the snow doesn’t find you too isolated or out of supplies.

It is a good reminder, however, of how people feel who cannot provide enough heat or food for their families. It isn’t a pleasant feeling.

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