Taylor McAvoy

State Senate advances bill that would require health plans to cover contraception and abortion | 2018 Legislative Session

OLYMPIA - The state Senate approved a measure that would provide greater access to birth control and other reproductive health services, including abortions. Passed by… Continue reading

A bill before lawmakers would outlaw concealed carry on private property | 2018 Legislative Session

OLYMPIA - A proposal before lawmakers could make it a crime for someone to carry a concealed weapon into a friend’s home without permission. The… Continue reading

Students lobby for state funded tuition grants | 2018 Legislative Session

OLYMPIA - University of Washington students from the Bothell, Seattle and Tacoma campuses met with lawmakers in support of higher education bills during the annual… Continue reading

Affirmative action could make a comeback in Washington state | 2018 Legislative Session

OLYMPIA - Seattle area Democratic lawmakers could repeal a 20-year-old voter initiative meant to outlaw preferences based on race and gender in college admission, public… Continue reading

Workplace bullying and sexual harassment bills go before lawmakers | 2018 Legislative Session

OLYMPIA - Proposals before the state Legislature would grant new protections from sexual harassment and bullying in the workplace. The bills come after national reports… Continue reading

Lawmakers consider a bill to raise the legal tobacco age | 2018 Legislative Session

OLYMPIA - Washington state lawmakers are considering a bill that could raise the legal age to purchase any nicotine product from 18 to 21 years… Continue reading

Perpetrators of domestic violence harassment could lose firearm rights | 2018 Legislative Session

OLYMPIA - A proposed bill would add harassment to a list of domestic violence crimes for which someone can have their firearm rights revoked. SB… Continue reading

Once again, lawmakers consider requiring health plans to cover abortions | 2018 Legislative Session

OLYMPIA - A bill to expand birth control choices for women is before the Legislature for the fifth year in a row. Senate Bill 6219,… Continue reading

LGBTQ bills advance in the Senate | 2018 Legislative Session

OLYMPIA - Two LGBTQ rights bills passed the Senate Health and Long Term Care Committee on Tuesday, Jan. 16. SB 5722 bans the practice of… Continue reading

Hundreds attend the 40th annual March For Life on Roe v. Wade anniversary | 2018 Legislative Session

OLYMPIA - Under a sea of umbrellas, hundreds of pro-life activists held roses and signs on the steps of the Capitol Legislative Building in Olympia… Continue reading

Seattle Women’s March 2.0 | Photo gallery

Taylor McAvoy of the WNPA Olympia News Bureau was on the scene of the Seattle Women’s March 2.0 in Seattle on Saturday, Jan. 20. Here… Continue reading

Lawmakers advance a voluntary waiver of gun rights for those at risk | 2018 Legislative Session

OLYMPIA - A bill giving people at risk of suicide the option to voluntarily give up their right to keep a firearm passed the Senate… Continue reading

State lawmakers re-consider eliminating statute of limitations on sex crimes | 2018 Legislative Session

OLYMPIA - A bill passed in the State House of Representatives last year offers some hope for people who were sexually assaulted years ago and… Continue reading

Five firearm bills go before state lawmakers | 2018 Legislative Session

OLYMPIA - Nearly 1,000 people from law enforcement, gun rights groups, gun violence prevention groups, veterans, and Washington State residents signed in to support or… Continue reading

State lawmakers hear a proposal to outlaw sexual orientation conversion therapy

OLYMPIA - Lawmakers re-heard a bill on Thursday, Jan. 11 that would ban the practice of conversion therapy on any patient under 18 years old.… Continue reading

Gun rights activists call for a halt to five firearm bills | 2018 Legislative Session

OLYMPIA - About 100 gun rights supporters rallied on the steps of the Capitol building in Olympia on Friday, Jan. 12. Most held signs and… Continue reading

Legislators consider expanding voting rights | 2018 Legislative Session

OLYMPIA - Voting rights legislation proposed by Democratic lawmakers aims to boost election turnout for young and low-income voters and enhance representation in communities often… Continue reading

State lawmakers to introduce ‘trigger modifications’ gun bill | 2018 Legislative Session

OLYMPIA - Senate Bill 5992, to be introduced to the state Legislature, would ban a gun parts intended to increase the weapon’s rate of fire.… Continue reading