Nick Twietmeyer

Family of Tyler Moniz founds suicide prevention non-profit

The Tyler Moniz Foundation is seeking to start a conversation about mental illness and suicide. A conversation about depression is not an easy one to… Continue reading

School board approves first round of staffing cuts

The Bainbridge Island School Board voted unanimously last week to cut more than 14 teaching positions — including four full-time elementary teachers and one full-time… Continue reading

May the 4th be with you: Review staff picks our favorite ancillary ‘Star Wars’ characters | The Bainbridge Blab

The Star Wars saga has created a good many memorable characters over the years, since its 1977 premiere, that have been passed down through the… Continue reading

Youth fly fishing expo returns to Battle Point Park

Put down the iPads and log out of the Facebook to enjoy an afternoon of teaching Bainbridge’s young whippersnappers a thing or two about the… Continue reading

Students at BHS construct food computers with MIT

Bainbridge High School’s biology students are getting a taste of the future by building three food computers. In essence, the students are building three agricultural… Continue reading

Saturday school sessions receive low attendance by BHS seniors

With the recent sunny days on Bainbridge Island, this past winter’s lousy weather may be a distant memory. Especially, it seems, for many of the… Continue reading

Bainbridge school board approves framework for budget cuts

The Bainbridge Island School District board of directors has approved the framework for budget cuts. At a recent meeting, school board members voted unanimously to… Continue reading

Bainbridge Public Library begins remodel

Bainbridge Public Library is beginning a new chapter with a major remodel and is encouraging the community to check it out. Seriously, check it out.… Continue reading

Spartronics head to world championship

Bainbridge High’s Robotics team will be competing against the best robotics teams in the world at the FIRST Robotics World Championship. At a recent District… Continue reading

Bainbridge Island School Board defers Option 2 scrutiny until 2018-2019 school year

The Bainbridge Island School Board has agreed to hold off — for now — on the potential closure of the Commodore building. The decision came… Continue reading

Park board is all-aboard for feasibility study

Bainbridge’s miniature steam train attraction is chugging along toward finding a home at Sakai Park. While project organizers have not gained full approval to house… Continue reading

Bainbridge Resilience Guild: Making the best out of prepping for the worst

Disaster often seems like the least likely thing to happen, right up until it strikes. Here in Washington, it is less a matter of “if”… Continue reading

Advisory committee reaches consensus for cuts in Bainbridge schools budget crisis

A committee appointed to determine where budget cuts will be made to help the Bainbridge Island School District bridge a $2.1 million budget gap has… Continue reading

Sound City tucks itself into Winslow

Downtown Winslow has become the new home of Sound City, Bainbridge’s brand-new vendor of vinyl. Sound City is the culmination of Erik Clineschmidt’s lifelong addiction… Continue reading

Looking back, moving forward: 75th anniversary of Japanense American internment is cause to pause, reflect

It was more than a milestone; more than so many painful memories from 75 years ago. The anniversary of the day that 227 Japanese Americans… Continue reading

The Island School celebrates Indonesian culture during Month of Learning

“Ogoh-ogoh, agah-agah,” children chanted as they marched in droves behind the effigy of the Balinese demon known as Ogoh-ogoh. Dressed in brightly colored sarongs, some… Continue reading

Montessori Country School expanding campus on Bainbridge Island

Bainbridge Island’s long-running Montessori school will be expanding its Arrow Point Drive campus. The Montessori Country School is currently split between two campuses; the elementary… Continue reading

Spartronics captain accepted to MIT

It was clear to Clio Batali at her first team meeting for Bainbridge High’s Spartronics team that she stood out from the rest of the… Continue reading

Spartronics holds robotics team open house

Bainbridge High School’s robotics team welcomed members of the public into their realm at a recent open house to share some insights into what the… Continue reading

Snow days mean school on Saturday for BHS seniors

This year’s snow days will mean school on Saturdays for seniors at Bainbridge High. The Bainbridge Island School Board has moved the last day of… Continue reading