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The big, bright fireworks show is back again in 2016 | CELEBRATE SUMMER – BAINBRIDGE ISLAND 2016

Hundreds of people will gather along Eagle Harbor on July 4th, as dusk nears. Just like the previous seven years, they’ll be anticipating the Grand Old Fourth’s fireworks show. The 15-minute show, which boasts of great pyrotechnics, will end what has been a three-day Celebrate Bainbridge extravaganza.

McCloskey leads the parade | CELEBRATE SUMMER – BAINBRIDGE ISLAND 2016

Most everybody around Bainbridge Island knows Tom McCloskey. Since he retired in 2012, he’s been active in many community organizations, especially the Rotary Club of Bainbridge.

Such a deal: 56th Rotary Auction takes center stage Saturday

It’s the world’s largest garage sale. Or so say the members of the Rotary Club of Bainbridge.

Rush-hour traffic improves on 305

Highway relief will be temporary, however.

Don’t miss Combat Veterans at parade’s end | ARMED FORCES DAY

Don’t leave the 2016 Armed Forces Day Parade early or you’ll miss the motorcycles. As in past years, the Combat Veterans International Chapter 5 motorcycle group is the last entry in the parade.

Armed Forces Day Parade set in tradition | ARMED FORCES DAY

Anyone who lives in or near Bremerton knows that it’s a Navy town. And they come out in full force to celebrate that on Armed Forces Day each year.

Burke Waldron: Once a sailor, always a sailor | ARMED FORCES DAY

Anyone who has attended Bremerton’s Armed Forces Day parades in the past knows Burke Waldron. He’s the “aging” U.S. Navy veteran in his dress whites, walking the entire distance of the parade.

Making it all happen on time and in order | ARMED FORCES DAY

Just how do you get 100-plus floats, bands, horse patrols, military ensembles and various princesses to line up in order? Ask Chris Funke.

Students work to create monument replica | ARMED FORCES DAY

There will be a special float in this year’s Armed Forces Day Parade. And many of those at the parade will recognize it.

Know how to honor the United States flag | ARMED FORCES DAY

The Flag Code, which formalizes and unifies the traditional ways in which respect is given to the U.S. flag, also contains specific instructions on how the flag is not to be used.

‘Elder Orphans’ represent a growing number here | THE TIME OF YOUR LIFE

They are called “Elder Orphans” and they represent a growing number of Americans who are coming into their senior years without anyone to watch over them.

Options for making new friends when you’re over 55 | THE TIME OF YOUR LIFE

It’s not that easy to reach out and make friends when you’re older, but there are plenty of places where you can try.

From ‘dragon houses’ to ‘she sheds’: Chris Axling builds on a dream

Inside Chris Axling, there’s an overgrown kid just waiting to get out. And he’s got the treehouses, playhouses and crafting sheds to prove it.

Citizen scientists unite for Bainbridge BioBlitz

Do you like animals, plants and fungi? There’s something coming up that will knock your scientific socks off.

Welcome to Kitsap Military Appreciation Day 2016

Welcome to Military Appreciation Day 2016! For more than 12 years, Kitsap County has honored the military personnel in our communities by presenting this local Military Appreciation Day celebration.

KITSAP COUNTY MILITARY APPRECIATION DAY: Want to sponsor a sailor or Marine in your home for a holiday meal or visit?

Tricia Reece and her family often set an extra place or two at the table on holidays. It’s something that the family has done for years.

KITSAP COUNTY MILITARY APPRECIATION DAY: Washington state gets its third namesake Navy vessel

The Virginia-class submarine USS Washington (SSN 787) was christened at 11 a.m. March 5, 2016 at Newport News Shipbuilding.

It’s noisy out there, but there’s a reason: Frog songs of love fill the night air

IslandWood event explores the frog songs of spring.

Democrats to caucus Saturday on Bainbridge Island

Like throughout Kitsap County, and Washington state, Democrats on Bainbridge Island will gather at a number of locations Saturday to show support for a presidential candidate.

Hammy’s keeps packing them in

It’s been 18 months, 65,268 hamburgers, 20,135 milkshakes, 34,519 orders of French fries, and 7,241 take-out orders since Hammy’s Burgers opened.