Jessica Shelton

Blazing a new trail: Gazzam’s got a brand-new drag

Last Saturday, the Bainbridge Island Parks Foundation and the Bainbridge Island Metro Park & Recreation District celebrated the opening of the Veterane and Knudsen trails, which, together, create a new four-mile loop through the Gazzam Lake Nature Preserve.

TWELVE WEEKS WITH DR. BLOEDEL: Reserve’s walking program prompts reflection and healing

Ever since last April, Patrick Pepper’s ears have been ringing. His hands tingle. He drops things. His words don’t come out with the same machine-gun delivery.

A parade of condiments: Ordway kids make their annual trek to Helpline House

Winter hats and bulging backpacks are not your typical parade attire. But this wasn’t really your typical parade.

Thanksgiving Wine Roundup

What to serve with the bird and its accoutrements

A beautiful ethic: Fair trade boutique opens in Winslow Green

Step into 146 Winslow Way West, and you’ll circumnavigate the globe in mere minutes. From Tanzania to Nepal to Guatemala, Tango Zulu’s artisan products come from myriad far-away places.

UPDATE | Chapel to step down as superintendent of Bainbridge schools

Bainbridge Island School District Superintendent Faith Chapel is stepping down, and the school board is gearing up to find her replacement.

Bainbridge architect receives an unexpected award and shares a valuable lesson in parenthood

If you haven’t heard about the National Academy, it’s OK — neither had Jim Cutler, the venerable island architect who was inducted into it last month.

You don’t know Jim: Here’s the 411

Bainbridge Island's Jim Cutler was named a 2015 National Academician at the induction ceremony on Oct. 27. Here are some things you may not know about the island's standout architect.

Barred owls, demystified (They want to borrow your hats)

If you’ve ever strolled through the Grand Forest, you’ve probably spotted the barred owl signs. They’re kind of perplexing.

Becoming good stewards: Religious leaders talk climate action

Following Pope Francis’ 192-page encyclical on the environment, released in June, Bainbridge’s own spiritual authorities weighed in with a call to action.

Dear BSF, all I want for Christmas is 60 fetal pigs

BHS club examines, delves into science that doesn’t yet exist.

UPDATE | Kinkead looks forward to another term

The District 4 School Board Director, who was enjoying a casual evening at home when he got the news, said he is excited to continue his service with the board.

UPDATE | Macfarlane concedes defeat in Bainbridge school board race

Macfarlane was disappointed, but grateful for the opportunity to participate in the election, he said.

Easy victory for Kinkead

It's not official, but it's pretty clear: With 71.3 percent of the vote, Tim Kinkead will hold on to his seat on the Bainbridge Island School Board.

Smith edges out Macfarlane for school board seat

Smith zooms ahead with 69 percent of 4,384 votes in the initial ballot tally released Tuesday.

Bainbridge school board to put $81.2 million bond measure before voters

In a unanimous vote Thursday night, Bainbridge Island School Board directors threw their support behind a $81.2 million capital bond to build a new Captain Johnston Blakely Elementary and a new BHS 100 Building.

Via Rosa expands kitchen, not dining space

It’s true, Bainbridge’s favorite pasta shop is expanding — but a sit-down restaurant it is not becoming.

Kinkead offers ‘systematic approach’ in lieu of positions

Incumbent’s opponent for school board seat is MIA.

Bainbridge school board will vote Thursday on multi-million dollar bond measure

Officials to decide on options ranging between $68.5 million and $80.2 million