John L. Micek

‘Russiagate’ is Obscuring Everything, Including Gun Legislation | John L. Micek

On Wednesday morning, Washington rightly fretted over the fate of a Republican congressman and three others felled by a gunman’s fire in suburban Alexandria, Va.,… Continue reading

Supreme Court’s Maverick Could Be Trump’s Worst Nightmare | John L. Micek

When he was out on the campaign trail last year, candidate Donald Trump promised to appoint conservative U.S. Supreme Court justices who’d adhere to a… Continue reading

Griffin’s Stunt the Latest Slide into Incivility | John L. Micek

An anonymous reader of the newspaper I work for had a lot on his mind: “If that was your hero Obama’s bloody head, I do… Continue reading

Stop and Notice the Dimming of a Very Weird Star | John L. Micek

This column is all about taking the time to look up. Sure, there’s plenty enough down here on our little, blue and green rock to… Continue reading

Face it, Trump Voters. You Got Played. | John L. Micek

While he was off bowing to the Saudis, contemplating the Western Wall and visiting other foreign heads of state, President Donald Trump’s White House dropped… Continue reading

Trump’s Totally Predictable Tuesday Night Massacre | Dick Polman

Now that Der Leader has deposed the lead investigator of Der Leader — sabotaging the rule of law, the kind of thing that typically happens… Continue reading

State Lawmakers Nationwide Launch a Free-Speech Crackdown | John L. Micek

Back in the 1930s, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis famously referred to states as “laboratories of democracy.” But these days, those labs are looking… Continue reading

The Best Art Has Always Been Political | John L. Micek

I’m a music junkie — I always have been. And if there’s one record that I go back to again and again it’s The Clash’s… Continue reading

What Did Trump Think He Was Getting Into? | John L. Micek

What did he think he was signing up for? In a surreal interview with Reuters at the end of last week, President Donald Trump admitted… Continue reading

100 Days In, Who’s Winning Again? | John L. Micek

Who’s winning? During last year’s campaign, Donald Trump promised cheering throngs that they’d eventually be so tired of winning that they’d beg for a respite… Continue reading

20 Years After His Death, a Few Thoughts About Mike Royko | John L. Micek

It was 20 years ago this month that I — along with everyone else in Chicago — woke up to the news that Mike Royko… Continue reading

Trump Shouldn’t Overlook Violence Against Christians | John L. Micek

It was most serene of all scenes: A choir singing hymns on a Palm Sunday morning. It could have been any church, anywhere in the… Continue reading

Trump’s Answer on Syria: It’s Obama’s Fault | John L. Micek

Offered an opportunity to explain what he planned to do about a savage chemical weapons attack in Syria that indiscriminately killed 72 people, including children,… Continue reading

All is Well in Trumplandia | John L. Micek

EAST PENNSBORO TWP, Pa. - President Donald Trump’s approval ratings might be in the tank and his legislative agenda might be foundering on Capitol Hill,… Continue reading

Trump’s Still Winning Bigly | John L. Micek

If you were watching cable news over the weekend, you might have been tempted to think that, with the defeat-for-now of healthcare reform, President Donald… Continue reading

Congress Hits ctrl-alt-del on Your Privacy | John L. Micek

Governments and legislative bodies often do profoundly stupid things. But lately, it seems like we’ve been living through a veritable bumper crop of dumb. There’s… Continue reading

President Trump’s Loyal Hall Monitors | John L. Micek

There’s this disturbing scene early on in the 1990 Cold War thriller “The Hunt for Red October.” A bunch of Soviet sailors have just decided… Continue reading

Trumpcare: Helping the Rich, Stiffing the Poor | John L. Micek

It’s taken seven years, but Congressional Republicans and the Trump administration are finally having their “If you like your health care plan you can keep… Continue reading

There Will Never Be a Trump Pivot. Ever. | John L. Micek

After his speech to a joint session of Congress last week, where President Donald Trump successfully managed to read, from a teleprompter, a speech that… Continue reading

Trump’s Speech: The Highs and the Lows |John L. Micek

As he wrapped up his first speech to a joint session of Congress on Tuesday night, President Donald Trump offered a bromide to a fractured… Continue reading