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Trump Shouldn’t Overlook Violence Against Christians | John L. Micek

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Trump’s Answer on Syria: It’s Obama’s Fault | John L. Micek

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All is Well in Trumplandia | John L. Micek

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Trump’s Still Winning Bigly | John L. Micek

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Congress Hits ctrl-alt-del on Your Privacy | John L. Micek

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President Trump’s Loyal Hall Monitors | John L. Micek

There’s this disturbing scene early on in the 1990 Cold War thriller “The Hunt for Red October.” A bunch of Soviet sailors have just decided… Continue reading

Trumpcare: Helping the Rich, Stiffing the Poor | John L. Micek

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There Will Never Be a Trump Pivot. Ever. | John L. Micek

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Trump’s Speech: The Highs and the Lows |John L. Micek

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Pence’s Response to Anti-Semitism Raises a Question | John L. Micek

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Seriously and Literally Listening to Trump | John L. Micek

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Trump Aide Said Something Dangerous on Sunday | John L. Micek

One of the great advantages of youth is that it’s a time to make mistakes, say silly stuff you might regret later, and generally experiment… Continue reading

Trump Declares War on the Judicary | John L. Micek

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Trump’s Ban a Win for ISIS | John L. Micek

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The Alternative Facts Administration | John L. Micek

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Welcome Back to Fortress America | John L. Micek

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Which United States does Trump Intend to Govern? | John L. Micek

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The Circus is Now the Standard | John L. Micek

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About that Meryl Streep Takedown | John L. Micek

Acclaimed actor Meryl Streep lit up social media during Sunday’s Golden Globe awards in an explicitly political speech, where she harshly criticized President-elect Donald Trump… Continue reading

This Isn’t the Chicago I Knew | John L. Micek

In October 1995, the city of Chicago was the wettest and coldest place I’d visited yet. I was out for a long weekend to visit… Continue reading