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A Break from the Political Grind, One Album at a Time | John L. Micek

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You Didn’t Lose the Amazon Lottery. You Dodged a Bullet. | John L. Micek

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Spending My Childhood With Stan Lee | John L. Micek

On Sunday afternoons in the late 1970s and early 1980s, long after 11 a.m. mass had finished, my cousin and I would head down the… Continue reading

In One Pennsylvania City, a Street By Street Fight for Every Vote | John L. Micek

READING, Pa. - Paula Hass, as one former American president so often says, is fired up and ready to go. Standing in her doorway on… Continue reading

Control of the House Runs Through Pennsylvania | John L. Micek

ERIE, Pa. - It’s a Wednesday night in October, three weeks before Election Day, and Mike Kelly is onstage at the Erie Insurance Coliseum, home… Continue reading

Trump Goes Full Trump in Yet Another Pennsylvania Rally | John L. Micek

ERIE, PA - With his second U.S. Supreme Court confirmation in the bag, President Donald Trump took a victory lap around this city by the… Continue reading

‘Self-Made’ Trump was a Millionaire in Elementary School | John L. Micek

Back in October 2016, when she was asked to explain how it was that then-candidate Donald Trump managed to overcome his fantastic wealth and connect… Continue reading

Kavanaugh Wasn’t On Trial. He Was interviewing To Work For Us. | John L. Micek

Remember that time you got due process in a job interview? Me neither. Time and again last week, as the excruciating drama surrounding the Supreme… Continue reading

Trump Jr. Rallies the MAGA Faithful in Pa. | John L. Micek

HERSHEY, Pa. - Donald Trump Jr. had a pretty simple message for the Republican faithful who filled a hotel ballroom here on the final night… Continue reading

Having Adults in the White House is Supposed To Be Normal | John L. Micek

We have been informed, twice now this week, that there are alleged “adults” in Donald Trump’s White House who are supposedly acting as a hedge… Continue reading

The Congressional Race that Trump is Sweating the Most

MT. LEBANON, PA. - Politics are on the menu here at The Coffee Tree Roasters. At a patio table early one sunny August morning in… Continue reading

5 Recommendations For Your Labor Day Weekend | John L. Micek

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‘Wrecked’: Abuse Survivors On Their Connection to Church | John L. Micek

Years after he was abused by a Catholic priest, Shaun Dougherty uses just one word to describe the state of his faith these days. It’s… Continue reading

Under Trump, It’s Easy To Like Ike | John L. Micek

GETTYSBURG, Pa. - The golf clubs in the laundry room at the rear of Dwight Eisenhower’s farmhouse here are perched and ready, as if the… Continue reading

The Trump Show Returns to Pennsylvania | John L. Micek

WILKES-BARRE TWP, Pa. - In a test of his election year clout, President Donald Trump returned a familiar electoral battleground this week to try to… Continue reading

In Doing Nothing, Sometimes, You Do Everything | John L. Micek

SOMEWHERE ALONG LONG ISLAND SOUND - From my beach chair, there’s a strong wind blowing in from across the water, rippling the pages of my… Continue reading

New Polling Shows More Trouble for Republicans | John L. Micek

In case national Republicans needed another reminder of the power of women at the ballot box, pollsters at Quinnipiac University just handed it to them.… Continue reading

Jeffrey Lord, Off CNN, Still Defending Trump | John L. Micek

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Congress Too Weak to Stop Trade War | John L. Micek

You may not have noticed it amid the White House’s bluster on NATO this week, but Congress utterly face-planted in its effort to rein in… Continue reading

Journalists Aren’t So Different From Our Readers | John L. Micek

If you stay in the news business long enough, you’re inevitably going to run into a reader who has a grievance — sometimes legitimate, sometimes… Continue reading