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Trump Predictably Took The Low Road in Europe | John L. Micek

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She Remembers a Time When Abortion was Illegal | John L. Micek

HARRISBURG, Pa. - Jessica Marquez-Gates is old enough to remember an America before Roe v. Wade. It was an America where women “douched with caustic… Continue reading


On 50th Anniversary of Riots, Gay Journalist Looks Back… and Forward | John L. Micek

HARRISBURG, Pa. - Fifty years ago, Mark Segal walked into a bar in New York City’s Greenwich Village and stumbled into history. Then an 18-year-old… Continue reading


Lots of Older Cities are Losing Population. Trump’s Making It Worse. | John L. Micek

The city of Erie, Pa. is a tourist magnet, thanks to the lovely lakeshore at Lake Erie. Downtown, the streets are lined with little cafes… Continue reading

‘We Cannot Ignore the Threads’ that Connect Acts of Hate | John L. Micek

HARRISBURG, Pa. - Holocaust survivors, their families, their friends, and their allies all gathered in the state Capitol building here Wednesday. And they vowed to… Continue reading

Trump’s New Plan: Boot Families From Public Housing | John L. Micek

The Trump administration is upping the ante in its war on undocumented immigrants with a new proposal to boot them from public housing — all… Continue reading

Streaming ‘Game of Thrones?’ You Should Care About Net Neutrality Bill | John L. Micek

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Why Are We So Bad At Science? | John L. Micek

What do most Americans know about science? If a March 28 Pew Research Center poll is to be believed — not nearly enough. And at… Continue reading

There’s Will to Act on Guns in America. So Why Don’t We? | John L. Micek

Six days. That’s how long it took New Zealand’s parliament, led by Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern with the support of opposition leaders, to ban military-style… Continue reading

Nothing Pro-Family About Influential Conservative Council | John L. Micek

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What Two Republicans Tell Us About Today’s GOP | John L. Micek

The experience of two Republican lawmakers from Pennsylvania — a state that President Donald Trump won in 2016, and one that remains critical to his… Continue reading

America the Melting Pot? Not So Fast. | John L. Micek

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The Front Line in the Abortion Fight is Closer Than You Think | John L. Micek

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Trump Makes Predatory Lending Great Again | John L. Micek

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Trump’s Fake Photos Mask a Larger Truth | John L. Micek

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The Illegal Immigrant Story Trump Isn’t Telling You | John L. Micek

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What Would Jefferson Think of the Government Shutdown? | John L. Micek

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Pelosi Gives Trump an Important Civics Lesson | John L. Micek

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Will Trump Listen to Lindsey Graham? | John L. Micek

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Bush-Appointed Judge Credits Roberts for Standing Up to Trump | John L. Micek

HARRISBURG, Pa. - John E. Jones III doesn’t look or sound much like a rebel. Like a lot of federal judges, he’s given to sober… Continue reading