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Turkey, Syria And Our Ignorant President | John L. Micek

When historians look back, they’ll identify It as the day that the post-World War II order officially collapsed. It happened not by coup, or by… Continue reading


Mass Shootings Are Still Happening, But They’re Being Ignored | John L. Micek

Official Washington might have averted its gaze from the scourge of gun violence to focus on the unfolding impeachment drama surrounding President Donald Trump. But… Continue reading


There Is Always Hope | John L. Micek

HARRISBURG, Pa. — Fighting back tears, her voice cracking, Jackie Bieber had a simple message for anyone who’s thinking about taking their own life: “There… Continue reading


Only Shock About Trump’s Actions is That We’re Shocked | John L. Micek

The explosive release of a federal whistleblower complaint alleging that President Donald Trump abused the power of his office, and that “unidentified White House officials”… Continue reading

Beto Was Right On Call To Confiscate Guns… Mostly | John L. Micek

What if Beto O’Rourke was right? The former Texas congressman enraged the right and netted himself something that sounded an awful lot like a death… Continue reading

Trump’s ‘Love’ For the Troops Not Backed By His Actions | John L. Micek

I ended a recent column observing that American taxpayers, not the government of Mexico or anyone else, was going to end up footing the bill… Continue reading

Nervous Trump Turns Back to His Failed Border Wall | John L. Micek

President Donald Trump wants a wall. It just may not be the one his supporters thought they signed up for back in 2016. Already walled… Continue reading

Can Two Ex-Governors Offer Hope For Consensus? | John L. Micek

YORK, Pa. - Politics, the Prussian statesman Otto von Bismarck famously said, “is the art of the possible, the attainable — the art of the… Continue reading

32 Seconds to Make the Case for Banning Assault Weapons | John L. Micek

Thirty-two seconds. That’s how long it took for the madman responsible for the carnage in Dayton, Ohio to shoot 26 people, killing nine, including his… Continue reading

With Trump, Forget the Teleprompter | John L. Micek

Forget the teleprompter. If you want to know what President Donald Trump really thinks, turn to Twitter. And so it was Tuesday, barely a day… Continue reading

America, It Shouldn’t Have To Be This Hard | John L. Micek

We’re at a turning point. Again. We’re again at a moment in our nation’s history where we can decide who we are as a people,… Continue reading

Trump’s Next Target? Food Stamp Recipients. | John L. Micek

So here’s another reminder that the soul of who we are as a nation, our fundamental conception of ourselves as a people, is on the… Continue reading

Republicans are Complicit in Trump’s Racism | John L. Micek

The next time a Republican tries to tell you that he or she is an heir to the legacy of Abraham Lincoln, remind them that… Continue reading

A Play on Trump and Leaked Cables, In One Act | John L. Micek

(Ext. 10 Downing Street, nighttime. The lights of London shine in the late evening. Revelers wander in and out of pubs. Big Ben stretches imperiously… Continue reading

Biden’s Busing Snafu Has Me Thinking of Ted Little | John L. Micek

When Ted Little and I met for the first time, we were both eight years old, in the third grade and sitting a few desks… Continue reading

Trump’s Re-Election Campaign Faces Major Problems | John L. Micek

If you cover enough of President Donald Trump’s campaign rallies — and I’ve covered a bunch — you know you can count on a few… Continue reading

Trump Predictably Took The Low Road in Europe | John L. Micek

It was tempting, for a moment there, to believe that President Donald Trump might get through his overseas trip to the United Kingdom and Normandy… Continue reading

She Remembers a Time When Abortion was Illegal | John L. Micek

HARRISBURG, Pa. - Jessica Marquez-Gates is old enough to remember an America before Roe v. Wade. It was an America where women “douched with caustic… Continue reading

On 50th Anniversary of Riots, Gay Journalist Looks Back… and Forward | John L. Micek

HARRISBURG, Pa. - Fifty years ago, Mark Segal walked into a bar in New York City’s Greenwich Village and stumbled into history. Then an 18-year-old… Continue reading

Lots of Older Cities are Losing Population. Trump’s Making It Worse. | John L. Micek

The city of Erie, Pa. is a tourist magnet, thanks to the lovely lakeshore at Lake Erie. Downtown, the streets are lined with little cafes… Continue reading