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Obama Gun Reforms vs Republican Gun Servants | DICK POLMAN

Why do Republicans nauseatingly refuse to address America's gun murder epidemic? Why are they so determined to sustain our well-earned reputation as the most violent nation in the civilized western world? Why are they jerking their knees in reflexive opposition to President Obama's modest attempts to defend our right to remain alive?

Bill Clinton’s Sexual History? Really? Again? | DICK POLMAN

Donald Trump is out of his mind (nothing new there) if he really thinks that he can taint Hillary Clinton by recycling her husband's infidelities.

The Temptation of Donald Trump | DICK POLMAN

A respected political analyst is writing about a certain presidential candidate. See if you can identify the candidate.

Fright-Wingers Compete to Freak Us Out | DICK POLMAN

I would've preferred to watch "Fargo," a pitch-black comedy about bloodlusting knuckleheads, but instead I dutifully tuned in the Republicans, and I got the same kind of characters.

The Soiling of Lincoln’s Legacy | DICK POLMAN

In his remarks commemorating the 150th anniversary of the constitutional provision that abolished slavery, President Obama urged his fellow Americans to draw inspiration from their ancestors and "push back against bigotry in all its forms," because "our freedom is bound up with the freedom of others."

What’s the Republican plan for beating ISIS? | DICK POLMAN

When I listen to Republicans talk tough about ISIS, I'm reminded of a old Steve Martin joke: "You can be a millionaire and never pay taxes! Yes, you can be a millionaire and never pay taxes! And you say, 'Steve, how can I become a millionaire and never pay taxes?' OK, first? You get a million dollars

A Key Shift for Obama in ISIS Address | DICK POLMAN

One particular passage in President Obama's Sunday night address to the nation caught my attention.

Fear Not, Trump Will Still Crash and Burn | DICK POLMAN

Month after month, execrable bullhorn artist Donald Trump remains perched atop the polls, and there's growing concern that the guy might actually win the nomination. Various super PACs allied with the party establishment keep threatening to bomb him with ad campaigns, and Republican regulars are freaking out at the prospect of an autumn 2016 debacle that features landslide losses in every voter category except celebrity-besotted angry white people.

Suspected Terrorists in America are Free to Buy Guns | DICK POLMAN

Now that congressional Republicans and roughly 50 cowered Democratic colleagues have passed a panicky bill to impede the entry of Syrian refugees, I think it's time to pause for a reality check.

Ben Carson and the Comedic Farce of ‘Lotagate’ | DICK POLMAN

The revelation this week that Ben Carson knows squat about foreign policy was about as shocking as the news that Charlie Sheen is HIV positive. Still, let's have some fun with the latest Carson farce, because, if nothing else, it's a welcome comic break from contemplating ISIS.

Is Hillary Ready for ISIS? | DICK POLMAN

If Hillary Clinton hopes to sell herself as a foreign policy whiz and credible commander-in-chief, she'll need to perform better than she did this weekend in response to the Paris attacks.

Starbucks Cups and the Internet Idiocracy | DICK POLMAN

Isn't it nice to know that even in a time of international crisis - ISIS, Syria, Putin - some Americans still make time to freak out over trivia? There's something endearingly childlike (or pathetic) about our willful refusal to put things in perspective.

Why Legal Pot Went Down in Ohio | DICK POLMAN

The off-off-year elections have yielded some noteworthy results — Chris Christie's Jersey legislature has gotten bluer, Kentucky has gotten considerably redder — but election night's most fascinating tally was posted in Ohio, where voters refused to rebrand their state as Ohigho.

A New Planned Parenthood Committee! | DICK POLMAN

Fresh from their triumphant deep dive into Benghazi, House Republicans have announced Friday they've created another Special committee, this time to — of course — Planned Parenthood. I kid you not! And since the 2016 election is so clearly on their minds, perhaps they'll summon their favorite star witness. Just imagine...

Trump Drags the Republicans Back to 9/11 | DICK POLMAN

Kudos to Donald Trump for performing a valuable public service. I kid you not. Finally, a top-tier presidential candidate is publicly assailing the sainted axiom that George W. Bush kept us safe.

Hey Democrats, What About Congress? | DICK POLMAN

Presidential candidates typically try to sell themselves as superheroes whose powers will magically cure our national ills. Rarely do they remind us that power is widely dispersed in our federal system, and that presidents are compelled to share it with the typically disputatious members of Congress.

House of Clowns | DICK POLMAN

It's well known that Kevin Spacey shadowed Kevin McCarthy before shooting "House of Cards." But if you're looking for cheap intrigue and craven dysfunction, skip Netflix and binge-watch the real thing: House of Clowns.

The Scandalous Suppression of Gun Violence Research | DICK POLMAN

In the midst of President Obama's denunciation of gun violence - if you've lost track, the latest massacre was on Friday - he lamented Washington's ongoing inertia and said that, in fact, "We have a Congress that explicitly blocks us from even collecting data on how we could potentially prevent gun deaths."

Clintons Remain Lucky to Have Such Hapless Enemies | DICK POLMAN

In Washington, every so often, a politician will stray from the standard spin and utter an accidental truth. On Fox News the other night, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy did so in spectacular fashion, momentarily forgetting that the GOP's endless Benghazi probe (a probe that's now longer in duration than the 1970s Watergate probe) is supposed to be spun as a search for truth, justice and the American way.

Dead Man Walker’s Urgent Plea to the GOP | DICK POLMAN

Nine weeks ago, when alleged conservative wunderkind Scott Walker was riding high, I rightly dismissed him as "a clueless newbie unfit to lead." But I never imagined that he'd suffer such a precipitous flameout.