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Beyond the Beltway, Democrats are Even Worse Off | Dick Polman

We’re all so fixated on what’s happening right now in Washington - where Team Trump, shocked by its own victory, is scrambling to form a… Continue reading

The Primal Scream for Trump and What It Means | Dick Polman

I didn’t think it would happen. I was wrong. And if it’s true what they say, that misery loves company, well, I have plenty of… Continue reading

Jefferson/Adams was the Clinton/Trump of It’s Day | Dick Polman

Politics are such a torment that I would advise everyone I love not to mix with them. Wait, that’s not me talking in 2016. That… Continue reading

Wait, We’re Talking about Utah?! | DICK POLMAN

Mike Pence hit the stump in Utah on Wednesday. Yes, Utah.

Donald Trump: The Banana Republic Candidate | DICK POLMAN

Down in the dark where the demons live, Donald Trump surely knows he's DOA. So he figures that what the heck, he might as well do his best to exhibit his very worst.

Crooked Don’s Slush Fund and the ’16 Double Standard | DICK POLMAN

Yes, folks, it's time for another episode of "Imagine The Outcry!"

The Seniors Running for President Should Cough Up Their Medical Records | DICK POLMAN

I won't waste your time trying to use Feeling Poorlygate as an excuse to play amateur doctor — plenty of people in the basket of deplorables are doing that already — because here's the sagacious bottom line.

Trump’s Real Pay-to-Pay Scandal Ignored by the Media | DICK POLMAN

How refreshing it is, after weeks and months of faux Clinton Foundation "scandals," after all the fatuous media talk about "optics" and "perceptions," to finally have a real foundation scandal to chew on. An actual example of pay-to-play, of money given and a favor granted. And it comes to us courtesy of Donald Trump.

How False Media Equivalency is Benefiting Trump | DICK POLMAN

Back in early May, I predicted that the mainstream media's "objectivity" rituals would kick in as autumn neared, "balancing" the two major candidates according to the timeworn rules of "on of the one hand, on the other hand," thus leaving the impression that Hillary Clinton (seasoned and experienced, whatever her flaws) and Donald Trump (manifestly unfit, by dint of his temperament and ignorance) can somehow be equated.

Let’s Chew on the New Clinton Foundation Nothingburger | DICK POLMAN

The mainstream media has a tough time "balancing" the coverage of a presidential campaign where one candidate is temperamentally suited for the Oval Office and the other candidate belongs in a middle school locker room, snapping wet towels.

Roger Ailes and Donald Trump Deserve Each Other | DICK POLMAN

If you read Superman comics as a kid, you're probably familiar with Bizarro World — the planet where everything is the opposite of life on Earth. I bring this up because it's clear Donald Trump is running for president of Bizarro World.

Hillary Clinton’s Transparency Phobia | DICK POLMAN

Hillary Clinton is riding high, thanks to the latest Trumplosions. But just because she's winning in the polls, we shouldn't whitewash her flaws. And here's one that sticks in my craw.

Can the GOP Nuke Its Own Nominee? | DICK POLMAN

The Republican race has gone nuclear.

Donald Trump Profited From 9/11 | DICK POLMAN

Unlike their Republican counterparts, Democrats tend not to wallow in the sewer with infantile chants like "Lock Her Up." Instead, they simply whacked Donald Trump with substance throughout their four-day convention in Philadelphia.

Donald Trump’s Fact-Free Marketing of Fear | DICK POLMAN

I knew it would be a long night when Donald Trump launched his acceptance speech with a promise to speak "honestly," telling the crowd, "There will be no lies. We will honor the American people with the truth, and nothing else."

Take a Breath, Folks, 2016 is not 1968 | DICK POLMAN

The latest fad, propagated by many members of the commentariat, is to equate the America of 2016 with the America of 1968.

Goodbye, Benghazi Sleuths – Take Your Tinfoil Hats | DICK POLMAN

To quote poet T. S. Eliot, the House Select Committee on Benghazi finally folded its tent Tuesday - "not with a bang, but a whimper."

Is Brexit a Harbinger of Trumpism? | DICK POLMAN

With apologies to the climactic song in "Les Miserables," here are the self-destructive Brits who voted yesterday to exit the European Union. Cue the music!

Worried Trump Can Beat Hillary? Don’t Be | DICK POLMAN

You know that nutjob you always see on the street, speed-rapping to himself about God knows what? His verbatim dialogue probably goes something like this...

After Orlando, 3 Words Republicans Refuse to Utter | DICK POLMAN

Let's flag some Republican statements about the Orlando massacre. See if you can spot what's missing.