Dick Polman

Is Brexit a Harbinger of Trumpism? | DICK POLMAN

With apologies to the climactic song in "Les Miserables," here are the self-destructive Brits who voted yesterday to exit the European Union. Cue the music!

Worried Trump Can Beat Hillary? Don’t Be | DICK POLMAN

You know that nutjob you always see on the street, speed-rapping to himself about God knows what? His verbatim dialogue probably goes something like this...

After Orlando, 3 Words Republicans Refuse to Utter | DICK POLMAN

Let's flag some Republican statements about the Orlando massacre. See if you can spot what's missing.

Clinton Makes History, While Trump Mops His Mess | DICK POLMAN

If you want an accurate reading on the 2016 presidential campaign — who's up and who's down, who's ascendant and who's a clown — look no further than Tuesday night's speeches. Because it's all about the optics.

Trump Hits New Low With Attack on ‘Mexican’ Judge | DICK POLMAN

Predictably, America's Troll is still attacking the federal judge who's handling the lawsuit against Trump University.

Take a Wild Guess Which Political Party is Imperiling Babies | DICK POLMAN

We all know by now that Republicans are well practiced at the art of magical thinking — massive tax cuts balance the budget, human-induced climate change isn't real, Donald Trump is a normal candidate — but the delusion that tops them all is their apparent belief that the Zika virus will slow its pace and take its cues from the ideological cheapskates on Capitol Hill.

Trump Loves the Taste of Bernie’s Sour Grapes | DICK POLMAN

In a column I wrote a couple months back, I listed five reasons why Donald Trump could actually win this election, to our everlasting national shame. Here's reason number six: A Democratic party torn asunder.

The Normalization of Trump Has Begun | DICK POLMAN

On NBC News the other night, anchorman Lester Holt reported that Donald Trump was pivoting to a more presidential image. In the measured tones that we commonly associate with "objectivity," Holt said: "Trump's comments appear to signal a more moderate shift..."

Hillary Can Show Bernie How to Lose With Grace | DICK POLMAN

Despite repeated pummelings - four more losses Tuesday night, including a blowout in Pennsylvania - Bernie Sanders still can't find the high road on his mental GPS. He's still steamed that Democrats have the temerity to run Democrats-only primaries (he's not even a Democrat), says he's gonna win in irrelevant West Virginia on May 10 and continue to battle at the convention to the bitter end.

Hello? Earth to Bernie Sanders? | DICK POLMAN

Dear Bernie, You're toast, and I'm smelling the burn.

Feeling the Bull: Bernie’s Biggest Con | DICK POLMAN

You'll get no argument from me that Hillary Clinton is a flawed candidate — stonewalling the release of those Goldman Sachs chats is merely Exhibit A — but when it comes to bull-slinging and empty sloganeering, she's no match for her self-righteous rival.

The Rising Odds of Republican Chaos | DICK POLMAN

How screwed up are the Republicans? Just read the Wisconsin primary exit polls. It doesn't bode well for November when a huge chunk of the GOP electorate says it won't support its own presidential nominee.

Trump’s Just Winging It, and That Should Scare Everyone | DICK POLMAN

What's important to remember about Donald Trump is that our aspiring tinpot despot is wildly winging his presidential campaign. It's like he's the star of his own improv show.

The Politics of Terror in a Climate of Fear | DICK POLMAN

Every terrorist attack threatens to put Donald Trump one step closer to the White House.

GOP Gapes at its Existential Crisis | DICK POLMAN

It's thigh-slappingly funny to recall that RNC chairman Reince Priebus said on the eve of this national race that "Republicans will choose from a deep bench of presidential material."

Trump is Same GOP Racism Without the Dog Whistle | DICK POLMAN

Super Tuesday gave us some priceless moments — Donald Trump bellowing in his personal ballroom while neutered lapdog Chris Christie awaited his master's command to fetch pipe and slippers — but arguably best of all was Paul Ryan's hilarious attempt to distance the GOP from Trump's raw racism.

Mitt isn’t Exactly Superman | DICK POLMAN

The good news is that a prominent member of the cowed Republican establishment is finally speaking out against Donald Trump. The bad news is, it's Mitt Romney.

New Hampshire’s Populist Primal Scream | DICK POLMAN

What a wild night in New Hampshire! In the words of one political reporter, "The voters sent a powerful anti-Washington message." A xenophobic Republican demagogue "stoked citizen anger against the inside-the-Beltway establishment, loudly invoking the '30s populism of Huey Long." The triumphant candidate fed off the "anxieties" of his fans. He "speaks his mind and damns the consequences."

The Most Idiotic Reactions to the Poisoning of Flint | DICK POLMAN

The poisoning of Flint, Michigan, is a national disgrace — and some of the people reacting to it have been disgraceful. Here's an abbreviated list, going from bad to worse.

Obama Gun Reforms vs Republican Gun Servants | DICK POLMAN

Why do Republicans nauseatingly refuse to address America's gun murder epidemic? Why are they so determined to sustain our well-earned reputation as the most violent nation in the civilized western world? Why are they jerking their knees in reflexive opposition to President Obama's modest attempts to defend our right to remain alive?