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Kudos to Our Saviors in Alabama | Dick Polman

I agree with Roy Moore. There really is a God. But I’m talking about a sane compassionate God - not the bigoted, homophobic, hate-filled God… Continue reading

Remember When Matt Lauer Was Trump’s Chump? | Dick Polman

Matt Lauer will be remembered as a fallen sexual harasser, but in my mind, he’s forever immortalized as a Donald Trump toady. Return with me… Continue reading

Roy Moore Aside, What About Bill Clinton? | Dick Polman

Left-leaning Americans who are rightfully repulsed by Roy Moore, and who were similarly steamed in 2016 about Donald Trump’s gropey braggadocio, need to acknowledge that… Continue reading

Trump Goes Belly Up In China | Dick Polman

Donald Trump has dumped all his macho stump rhetoric about China and morphed into a wimp. Since he probably never believed what he spouted in… Continue reading

Trump’s Apologists Couldn’t Care Less About Indictments | Dick Polman

Amidst all the speculation about the scope and direction of Robert Mueller’s deepening Trump-Russia probe — triggered anew by the indictment of Paul Manafort —… Continue reading

Senator Versus Demagogue, and History’s Verdict | Dick Polman

Bravo to the Republican senator who stood tall in the chamber and assailed a Republican demagogue for his disgraceful reliance on “the Four Horsemen of… Continue reading

‘Fake News’ Exposes Trump’s Swamp Creature | Dick Polman

Before we inevitably face Trump’s next phantasmagoria, let’s briefly pause to celebrate the speedy downfall of a apparatchik of the president. Because it speaks to… Continue reading

Republicans Decide Sex Harassment is Very, Very Bad | Dick Polman

Wow, isn’t it amazing how the GOP and Donald Trump Jr. are suddenly rocking the sexual harassment issue, now that deposed Hollywood mogul and liberal… Continue reading

Trump’s Bigly Lie to the LGBTQ Community | John L. Micek

Last June, after a gunman opened fire in the gay-friendly Pulse nightclub in Orlando, candidate Donald Trump proclaimed he’d be a stronger advocate and champion… Continue reading

Meet the New Face of Republican Extremism | Dick Polman

Thank you, Alabama Republicans! Thank you for choosing a Senate candidate whose reactionary ravings and paranoid fictions make Donald Trump look semi-sane. Seriously, could Democrats… Continue reading

Hillary is Right about the Mainstream Media | Dick Polman

Hillary Clinton’s new cri de coeur discomfits the many Democrats who yearn to put 2016 in the rear-view mirror. She dwells at length on all… Continue reading

An Ignorant America Endangers Democracy | Dick Polman

Donald Trump famously declared, “I love the poorly educated!” and we know why. An electorate that’s ignorant about the basics of democracy is ideal grist… Continue reading

Should Democrats Do a Deal for the Dreamers? | Dick Polman

Let’s stick with the story about the Dreamers — the 800,000 young immigrants Trump wants to kick out of the country — because we need… Continue reading

Big Government is Bad Until Red States Need Help | Dick Polman

It’s an old story, freshened anew by Hurricane Harvey: Republicans profess to hate “Big Guvmint” as a matter of principle — until catastrophe hits a… Continue reading

Beat the Press: Trump’s Survival Strategy | Dick Polman

Donald Trump’s mounting assaults on the free and independent press are enough to make me wax nostalgic for Spiro Agnew. When Richard Nixon’s vice president… Continue reading

CEOs to Trump: You’re Bad for Business | Dick Polman

It’s not often — actually, it’s never happened before — that a Republican president gets dissed and dumped by corporate titans like Dow, Merck, Campbell… Continue reading

Still Waiting for Trump to Tweet About Mosque Bombing | Dick Polman

An improvised explosive device was thrown the window of a mosque in Bloomington, Minnesota, while Muslim-Americans worshipped in the building. The attack occurred on Aug.… Continue reading

When the Chips Are Down, ‘Maverick’ McCain Shoots Blanks | Dick Polman

I got tired of John McCain’s phony “maverick” act a long time ago, and his hypocritical performance on the Senate floor this week reminded me… Continue reading

What Will it Take for Republicans to Say Enough is Enough? | Dick Polman

Kudos to Reed Galen — a lifelong Republican, veteran of three presidential campaigns, son of former Republican operative Rich Galen — for articulating the obvious… Continue reading

Trump’s Media Flunky Thought ‘He Walked on Water’ | Dick Polman

With Trump on foreign soil attacking the free and independent press (CNN “has been faking news for a long time,” while NBC “is equally bad”),… Continue reading